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    Interesting way to make a living

    Actually Sunshower I don't think he is joking. I don't think acetone will melt your paint, maybe it will dull the shiny finish a tad which you should be able to buff it right back in. Acetone will get that tree resin out without eating your automobile paint. Finger nail polish is not auto...
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    What is Prayer?

    Disclaimer: The following remarks are simply my opinions and observations about prayer, so the shoe might not fit everyone. 1) Prayer is an ongoing process of spiritual discovery. We learn to speak to Jehovah over time (and frequency) to the point where we may discontinue pondering whether or...
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    Better stock up!

    I prefer to obtain my food directly from the farms from which the products originate. My favorite farms are Frito Lay Farms, Doritos Farms, Orowheat Farms and Mountain Dew Farms. Good solid food with limited involvement and handling from man (or woman).
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    Just saying hello

    Strong and quick work @a watcher! I think this one sets a record of how quickly he showed his stripes. The last one took at least a few pages into the thread LOL.
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    Hi everybody!

    A hearty welcome to you bro! Sunshower mentions you regularly and with great pride and admiration. So happy to have you join in on all the fun here. Our loving host Brother Robert King calls it "the asylum" LOL. You and Sunshower have a great weekend!! Med
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    2022 JW Convention

    Badges?? I don't need no stinking badges!! (name the movie that saying came from and win a signed copy of a print out of Mr. Lett with his customary mouth opened wide and his eyes bulging. I will sign it in his stead and deliver it here in this thread via PDF LOL)
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    2022 JW Convention

    Speaking of Isa 28:19, I had the great honor of alerting one of my "rank and file" buddies to that scripture today. He was amazed by it. This brother is the kind that I can speak the Real Truth with but I still have to tread lightly as he thinks the jab and masks are still god-sent. I pray...
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    June 28 2022 Is it persecution or punishment?

    Hi Jess! I hereby grant you a complete and unassailable license to use the following statement in any manner you like. It could be a t-shirt, bumper sticker, coffee mug or any such media. "Powered By Guilt!" That has been my life's work and I am no better a person for it. There is a way...
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    Hi! Newbie here

    Aloha White Stone! Thank you for your intro and story! I am thrilled you found this forum and I know you will enjoy it very much. Take care and talk again soon. - Med
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    Here is the bridegroom!

    1) Well maybe the un-anointed sheep will be doing this, at least some of them during the last days (Matt 25: 35+36) 35 For I became hungry and you gave me something to eat; I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink. I was a stranger and you received me hospitably 36 naked and you...
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    Music With a Message (Positive please)

    Yes KevinB! I was able to download it immediately, it worked perfectly. I can't wait to dive into this. I scanned your intro very briefly and that alone was a great read unto itself. Strong work bro! I will begin reading this tomorrow, Wednesday at the latest. Thank you for providing the link!
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    Canadian pastor says health officials offered church $50,000 to push vaccines

    Aloha BTTW! I can tell by your words that you have indeed been invited, called, chosen and are indeed on the list to be sealed shortly. I can also tell by your words that I am NOT invited, called, chosen and on that same list. Your spirituality has a certain quality, a difference, something I...
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    Canadian pastor says health officials offered church $50,000 to push vaccines

    Yes Sundial, I absolutely believe that members of our congo would turn us in to the authorities when circumstances call for it. Not a doubt in my mind! Driven and I are mentally and emotionally prepared for the prophecies to be fulfilled long those lines if indeed we are found to be so worthy...
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    Is it too late for the Masses?

    Hi Jess. Try Matt 6:22
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    So sorry this happened to you BTTW. I hope you guys can repair this rift sooner rather than later. Must be horrible!!
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    To me PJ, this is the crux of the entire matter. When it all shakes out for real and some of our former "friends" turn on us as foretold in prophecy, (I say "us" loosely, me included God willing), it will be because of their lack of faith in Jehovah that they do so. How, after possibly several...
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    June 16 2022 Should true Christians associate with...?

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    Monkeypox renamed Shingles?

    Psalms 91 is incredible!!
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    Monkeypox renamed Shingles?

    Amazing scriptures!