Watchtower and Jimmy Swaggart?


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Hi Hi Hi @BARNABY THE DOG. How are you?

This subject came up on Watchtower History of how WT changed its donation arrangement in response to a new tax law on selling the WT, and so WT changed it to voluntary donations and called the change “new light”.

i was hoping that the Amicus Brief would be in the public domain- and sure enough, it was.

When i hear or read things- for example WT claiming new light for donations at the same time that the Canadian govt enacts a new tax law- it spurs me on to look for a paper trail.

All filed documents with state and federal courts are in the public space and open to the public..

WT can’t hide them, and there is no where to run.
Hello Asadour, The watchtower history becomes worse as it’s exposure comes under ever increasing inspection. So much deception, so many lies and deceits, wrangling with the truth.