Watchtower was truth and a blessing!!!


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Indeed the WT was used by Jehovah. As time goes by, it is apparent not so much any more. The Bible gives clear direction on the rebellion of the "organization" created my men to "serve" God. It's the same thing that happened with Israel wanting a King! The Nations had a King, so Israel wanted a King. So Jehovah gave the petulant child what he wanted. Same thing is going on today. All of Christendom has there "mega Churches" so the leadership has provided what most people want.
“We have no king but Caesar.”


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Thanks. Good points. It must be nice to go snorkelling and see beneath the waves. I dread to think what is under our waters between France and Dover.
Hi, lots of sunk plastic dingy’s I expect. I love snorkelling but North Sea no good go to Majorca normally but unjabbed people not permitted in Spain so got to stay in grey uk. I am a bit jealous. P.