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  1. LifeLearning

    World Health Organization Amended Regulations - Unilateral Control

    Amendments to existing United Nations / World Health Organization regulations may soon over-ride all member nations sovereignty... You know "if" there is a health emergency. Authored by the USA, all the nations below have endorsed empowering WHO to declare a possible or potential health...
  2. LifeLearning

    PIMO / PISA / POSA - Should I stay or should I go (in)

    In lieu of a new website for this topic, Here is a new thread. I have taken it on myself to coin another acronym, Physically Out Scripturally Aware. (POSA) Let's discuss what it means to be PIMO Physically In Mentally Out, PISA Physically In Spiritually Aware, and what-ever other combination...
  3. LifeLearning

    Hello everyone from LL

    Hello forum members. I have enjoyed and appreciated much of the dialog in the comments here and on I thought I would share about myself. Having studied the bible independently for a couple of years as a young person some 35 years ago, I studied with JW for a bit. There were...