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  1. The God Pill

    What are we reading 📚

    A thread for mentioning and/or discussing any books on the bible I'm mostly focusing on non watchtower publications but old WT books and literature are good too as I'm always eager to hear brothers and sisters insights. Any recommendations are very welcome. 😊 The past year I've read On the...
  2. The God Pill

    Zaphon (the north/mountains of the north etc)

    Articles related to the northern regions mountains and false gods associated with the north in relation to Israel and canaan
  3. The God Pill

    Bible Buddies

    I'm skeptical I could ever secure the budget for that kind of a thing unless blessed by Jehovah but a coworker that's a retired science teacher has been trying to talk me into developing a bible setting kids cartoon she wanted to call it bible buddies her focus was a bit more practical than me...
  4. The God Pill

    The "authorities" and not forsaking gathering together

    Excerpt of church history book 7 chapter 11 3. I went not alone to Æmilianus; but my fellow presbyter, Maximus, and the deacons Faustus, Eusebius, and Chæremon, and a brother who was present from Rome, went with me. 4. But Æmilianus did not at first say to me: 'Hold no assemblies;' for this...
  5. The God Pill

    The Edomites

    This is a thread for any discussion relating to Esau's descendants I'm starting the thread because there's a story that explains why the Amalekites (subset of the edomites) had the hostile attitude they had to the Israelites during the Exodus.
  6. The God Pill

    Targums and Peshitta

    A thread for discussion relating to either topics. I'm just beginning to research the Peshitta a version of the bible in the Syriac language apparently it's the oldest surviving manuscripts of the old testament after the Septuagint, dead sea scrolls and targums although it excludes several new...
  7. The God Pill

    Logistics for anyone's Zoom/Skype/Discord meetings

    Anyone up for association on these platforms? Privacy at the apartment's pretty erratic but I won't have work, karate or theocratic activities to preocupy me this and tommorow afternoon-evening (eastern standard time) and Wednesday evening.
  8. The God Pill

    Dead sea scrolls and Sons of Zadok

    A thread for any discussions and postings on/of the dead sea scrolls and the associated community. Melchizedek scroll audio starts at about 13:45 on my Diatessaron prologue
  9. The God Pill

    Anything Pentateuch related

    Thought this was pretty cool to see the old high priest garments manufactured and worn live action.
  10. The God Pill

    To the most distant parts of the Earth

    This is a thread for anything related to the spread of Christianity in hard to evangelize regions obviously data relating to the ministerial work of our brothers and sisters is most important. Anything on people providing bibles, preaching, underground churches, tech based proselytizing, exotic...
  11. The God Pill

    Don't waste your energy

    It's all to easy to get frustrated talking to people that think communism is great and should be tried again and again at the expense of millions of lives till humanity is extinct or that LGBTQ should have no boundaries to the point parents lose custody if they don't let there children be...
  12. The God Pill

    Justin Martyr

    This thread is for any discussion on Justin Martyr including his Apologies and especially Dialogue with Trypho his writings give us an insightful picture of early-mid second century Christianity as it records him preaching to a Jew named Trypho and his friends for hours over the span of two...
  13. The God Pill

    Watchtower infiltration

    A thread for discussion on any evidence, opinions and theories on infiltration of the society by any political, commercial, religious or globalist factions. Masons obviously come up a lot and anything on the matter is always welcome given the masonic and rothschild influences go back all the way...
  14. The God Pill

    Jehovah has become king appreciation thread

    A thread for us to share personal experiences/gratitude/benefits from our first times reading Jehovah has Become King, it's clarification on the organization and prophecy as well as the remainder of Robert's output.
  15. The God Pill

    How can anyone believe the Quran?

    I'm 80% way through reading the Quran (not in order) and I can't fathom how anyone could've seen merit/validity to it, the whole thing so far can be summarized as threatening people with hell every chapter, criticizing the first chapter of John every couple chapters because of Christendom's...
  16. The God Pill

    Odd dreams

    I just woke up from a dream first scene was someone new probably a publisher and not baptized yet expressing to a group of brothers and sisters in a casual setting doubt of 1914 and how the publications are getting less detailed on prophecy it didn't really go past that. The second scene I was...
  17. The God Pill

    Synthetic biology
  18. The God Pill

    Passover Psalms

    I was reading the Psalms in the 1984 nwt and noticed a footnote that Psalms 113-118 are Hallel Psalms that Jews in the first century would've sung on a number of occasions in the year including passover given we are not getting any farther from the next memorial I thought it good to make audio...
  19. The God Pill

    Unity vs uniformity

    There's been brief discussion and mention here and there of unity vs uniformity I feel it's about time for a dedicated thread. To open I found this passage nice it argues the holy spirit is the cause of unity among God's people since pentecost. 2. This Spirit did David ask for the human race...
  20. The God Pill

    The encyclopedia of the early apostasy

    Thread for any discussion on against heresies, anything referenced, contemporary or adjacent to/by/in it, iraneus and Christianity's struggle in the first and second century with the myriad waves of mentally ill gnostic cults that sprang initially from Simon the Sorceror.