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    1John 2:21

    This scripture is a little confusing for me… JWs would argue that they have the truth Most of us here would argue that they couldn’t because no lie originates with the truth So who has the truth?? Jesus once asked, “what is truth”?
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    Capping stone

    Is there any modern day significance to Zechariah 4:7??
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    The Kingdom is in Place!

    Ah no!!! Do I really have to go to the meeting tonight!!??
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    14 Generations

    Is there any significance of the three sets of 14 generations in Mat 1:17 ?
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    2 Thess 2

    Hi all… How is everyone?? Just a little about me!! I’m a worshipper of Jehovah. I came to know Jehovah through a JW calling to my Mothers home in the 80s. I’ve struggled staying faithful since I was baptised in 96 but never let go of the fact that Jehovah is the almighty and Jesus is His son...