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  1. Pearlykay

    "CIM adds film studio to Watchtower site Former Jehovah’s Witnesses HQ to include 90K sf production facilitity"

    The GB, ELDERS and watchtower make it quite clear not to ask questions just to wait and do as we are told. It has taken me decades to realise that we must be obedient and wait for the watchtower tells us is going to happen. I have questioned if we are going to travel we will need automobiles...
  2. Pearlykay

    Okay, just like I'd figured, churches were paid to push the jab!

    One of the reasons I had to get out. Elder gave me such a hard time. Not obey GB in little things what about big things, I was soft shunned from that very day, only Pomo last couple days. I am doing it tough at present. Shunned by everybody. Such conditional love in the org. Just disgusting.