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    October 4th is coming fast!

    Has anybody heard about this? If so, what do you think? I find Todd Callender very believable, and it's pretty terrifying! Even though I believe most of us here knew better than to take the shots, the signals could still interact with the heavy metals in our bodies. Also, there have been videos...
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    Florida on verge of admitting that Covid vax is a bio-weapon

    I also wrote a lengthy letter and included copies of information showing how bad it was. Soon after came that conspiracy theory article, because they wanted to scare the gullible away from listening to the ones who'd actually done their research!
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    New Study: Fully Vaxxed Lose 25 Years of Life Expectancy

    At about 11 1/2 min into this video, Kim mentions side effects and deaths from it and speculates on the possibility of lawsuits against Watchtower. Let's hope it happens, because the GB had no right to push their personal medical views on everybody!
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    What blasphemy!

    Check out this Reddit thread about a new morning worship video!
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    If Jehovah has an org, why leave?

    This sounds very much like my waking up experience due to the vax push!
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    It’s all gone MRNA 🚨

    And look what's coming our way next. Scary times!
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    Pope Francis 😱

    Oh, I mistakenly thought we were speaking of Pope Francis dying. Rats!
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    Lost and confused

    Actually, I've been speaking with (and doing Bible studies with) Mark Martin, former JW elder, who now has his own ministry to try to reach people with truth. We talked about the jab and the GB promoting it, and I brought up could they be doing it to maintain their 501C3 status? He said that he...
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    Lost and confused

    So much of this beautiful post mirrors my feelings!
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    Pope Francis 😱

    Good riddance to one of the top evil men on this planet! Now what about Gates, Fauci, Soros, Schwab, and Harrari? I hope justice comes sooner rather than later!
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    Naked JW kidnappers, yes this is real...

    I would definitely be changing halls!
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    Disgusting Facebook profile picture!

    I have a hard time believing this person would feel an ad for the booster attached to a scripture with Jehovah's name is appropriate!
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    New World Order

    That was our assembly hall when we lived in Kissimmee. I too admired all of the huge beautiful oaks!
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    Did Dragons Ever Exist?

    Do you think there's any possibility that the demons created dangerous things to try to destroy mankind, such as dinosaurs, dragons, and other terrifying creatures that are talked about in mythology class as if they're a figment of man's imagination? And perhaps they were all destroyed in the flood?
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    Possible NWO date in Matrix and ''Don't Look up''??

    That's okay. I just don't put anything past the evil ones who are running our planet at the moment.
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    Doctor reverses course on toxic jabs

    I'm surprised YouTube hasn't pulled this yet!
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    Possible NWO date in Matrix and ''Don't Look up''??

    I breathed a sign of relief when I reached the end of the day Saturday and nothing evil had happened. However, somebody posted a Gregorian calendar, and I realized if they were going by that, September 24th would actually fall on October 7th on that one. Hopefully they aren't using that one, but...
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    Mark of the Beast Identified

    Those of us who refuse the mark and won't be allowed to buy or sell will have to adjust to good old fashioned bartering. I think that'll be harder for them to do away with than cash.
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    Did the vaccine kill my wife?

    I read your post a couple of weeks back, and it shook me up and made me cry, so I didn't respond right away. I've come back on the forum so I can tell you how deeply sorry that I am! When these so-called vaccines first came out, I did so much research and printed off a bunch of stuff to send to...