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    World War Three Updates

    BREAKING: North Korea tells UN that peninsula ‘on the brink of nuclear war’
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    End time Earthquakes?

    BREAKING: 5.9 magnitude earthquake strikes Indonesia.
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    World War Three Updates

    Just up the road from me 😳
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    World War Three Updates

    Another African country, which France is involved in BREAKING: Gabonese military claim to have seized power, following the re-election of President Ali Bongo. Sounds of gunfire could be heard in the capital Libreville in the early hours of Wednesday.
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    Whenever it is that THEY are saying, “Peace and security!”…….

    Doesn’t Satan get thrown to earth, which triggers the gt tribulation, the cry of P&S is the false cry which leads to the collapse of the American/Anglo 7th king? This fall will shock Everyone, and will lead to the rising of the 8th which people will follow, as it will be a false replacement for...
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    World War Three Updates

    The great tribulation
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    World War Three Updates

    This would spark the civil war in America…. BREAKING: New Hampshire Secretary of State David Scanlan is weighing options with the state attorney general on whether former President Donald Trump can be removed from the 2024 presidential ballot under the 14th Amendment.
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    Tony Morris Saga Continues....

    I did think this myself, go through the proper channels. Having been through this myself, you have to be very careful not to interfere with any investigation and are told not to. She said that he’s part of the Philadelphia case but it’s taking too long!
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    World War Three Updates

    BREAKING: Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, and UAE to join BRICS on January 1st, 2024.
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    World War Three Updates
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    Sabotage or Coincident?

    This isn’t loading for me
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    King Charlie: New Green Deal For You, Not For Us

    I think this is a move by PM Rishi Sunak because his father in law has just become a shareholder in North Sea oil
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    World War Three Updates

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    New Convention Video Encourages Us To Go To Fema Camps!

    Before everything went onto zoom, you could only access the convention if a congregation elder sent you a link, I wonder if they have gone back fo this ?
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    World War Three Updates

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    Semi-Verified News that you might be able to Use

    Reports on Twitter about the nuclear plant being attacked…type in Zaporizhzhia into the search bar.. How true it is ???
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    France is Burning

    Copied from telegram… Macron is resisting calls from his Police and military commanders to declare a state of emergency as he feels this will weaken his already shambolic Presidency as rioters have carried out raids on Police stations which have been ransacked and rioters are are now armed with...
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    France is Burning

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    France is Burning

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    Russia COUP HOAX explained

    So have we seen the pushing and shoving? Or is that still future?