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    Music With a Message (Positive please)

    Images generated by AI
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    Thanks and greetings from Slovakia

    Not that easy. If there are not any billboards that means that the township probably does not permit them.
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    Thanks and greetings from Slovakia

    I used Google Street View and looked around. Didn't see anything. :(
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    Thanks and greetings from Slovakia

    In the one collage, there is the image of the head of the beast getting the sword stroke in the upper left corner and in the lower right corner there is an image of the evil slave getting tossed out, I think taken from the Greatest Man book. I can use those images in my essays under Fair Use law...
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    Thanks and greetings from Slovakia

    Someone asked the other day if I had heard anything from our friends in Slovakia. Well, I just did. He has informed me that the WT's lawyers have contacted the billboard company whining about copyright infringement. :LOL::ROFLMAO: It is an ongoing thing. I will keep you informed.
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    Tuesday, December 5th - The glory of Jehovah will be revealed

    I do wonder if this daily text was intentionally placed after yesterday's text because the messaging is a little confusing. Yesterday the lesson was that we should not listen to the younger men--only to the wise counsel of the older men. But today the message is that young men are gifts from God...
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    Different Take on the Israel Palestine Conflict.

    All wars are fake when you realize that the British Empire and their financiers create the circumstances and fund both sides of border disputes. Without the machinations of the empire, there would be no terrorist groups like Hamas or Alqueda. Israel itself is a creation of the British. Sadly...
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    Monday, December 4th - You have kindled my anger like a fire

    The writers at Bethel seem to have lost the plot, as the saying does. Seriously, how could the GB be so obtuse? The issue was not that Rehoboam didn't follow the advice of the older men or seek counsel from God through a prophet. Jehovah had already determined to rip Israel apart. The disaster...
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    Sunday, December 3rd - He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out

    Jesus illustrated how it works in the 10th chapter of John, likening himself to a shepherd and his people to sheep: "Most truly I say to you, the one who does not enter into the sheepfold through the door but climbs in by another way, that one is a thief and a plunderer. But the one who enters...
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    Satan has a lie for everyone

    Beyond stupid
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    I think the Beth Sairm thing was a publicity stunt gone wrong. Same with the millions now living will never die fiasco. It was intended to counter the prevailing delusion that everyone is either going to heaven or hell.
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    Massive false flag planned for 2024?

    Why announce a false flag? :unsure:
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    Saturday, Dec 2nd - The Man of Flawlessness

    Well, in the 12th chapter of Luke Jesus made an important distinction between the faithful slave and the evil slave. They both fail to do their master's will. However, the ones judged to have erred in ignorance will only be beaten with a few strokes. That is the faithful slave. The ignorant one...
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    Saturday, Dec 2nd - The Man of Flawlessness

    Their arrogance is just stunning. When Christ comes knocking on the door at 1 Kings Dr their humiliation will be epic!
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    Saturday, Dec 2nd - The Man of Flawlessness

    Just think of the blessings that would result if the Governing Body would take the lead and set an example for elders and circuit overseers by acknowledging their errors. I am sure that as individuals high-ranking men in the organization would readily admit to having personal shortcomings. But...
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    Friday, December 1 - random thoughts

    Yeah, I saw that a couple of weeks ago. It is quite telling that the gatekeepers have slandered him. Just remember the way the 7th chapter of Daniel depicts the beast. It has iron teeth and claws and it crushes and treads down everything. It all makes sense. That is the British/IMF system.
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    Friday, December 1 - random thoughts

    Old traditions die hard.
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    Article on JW . Org - Will Armageddon begin in Israel?

    For all of the Watchtower's false prophecy attached to 1914, Evangelicals are even more deluded. The Devil has a custom-made delusion for everyone who looks at prophecy.
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    Friday, December 1 - random thoughts

    I grew up in a big city and have mostly lived in big cities, until about 10 years ago. I have now become an honorary country boy. I don't know much about sheep, cows, and livestock. However, on one of my walks I pass by a sheep farm. Being aware of Jesus' illustration of how sheep will not...