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  1. lflynn22

    Is money the root of all evil?

    of every problem ive seen in my life MONEY! has always been directly tied to it. when it comes to money morality love compassion understanding it all goes out the window and cash is king.
  2. lflynn22

    Wednesday, Nov 1 - In a flood of indignation

    i was wondering what people thought of that annual meeting talk about stumbling blocks and finally apostacy i wonder if any of the brothers and sisters got up and walked out during the meeting? the GB shows no fear as they so losely throw around and twist Jehovah's Word and fatten up there bank...
  3. lflynn22

    Wednesday, November 2 2022 Reasoning from the Scriptures

    i think the Jehovah's Watchman group maybe worth a shot Brother Robert that is if you dont get to many Discruntaled JWs. but its worth a shot you never know.