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    AP reports on the Annual meeting, before the whole thing has been released...LOL.

    I have no doubt you did your best, Mick. Thats the point, so many elderly approached me and said they wished they had to strength to carry on more in the preaching work. Who made us feel so bad about our contributions to Jehovah? They completely lost my publishers card when I fled an abusive...
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    AP reports on the Annual meeting, before the whole thing has been released...LOL.

    There was a time when time slips were important such as the vietnam war. The brothers were required to report their time as missionaries, 100 hours a month, in order to get out of being drafted or going to jail. The laughable part is the clergy only work 4 hours a month on Sundays???My friend, a...
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    Sunday, December 3rd - He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out

    I was 15 or 16, don't remember, sitting in the book study and going over the "Babylon the Great has Fallen" book and asked the conductor, why is Cristandom antitypical Jerusalem when Cristandom has never had Jehovah's blessing, it fact is for the most part pagan? HE told me to quit asking...
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    Your thoughts on Michael Jackson

    Growing up north of LA, one thing you could count on was the constant out pouring of gossip in the congregation about Michael Jackson. The main topic of gossip was his latest counseling from the elders. Reminds me of Isaiah, "command upon command, Measuring line upon measuring line" Teenagers...
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    If the Watchtower is part of Babylon

    When the second coming of Christ occurs, and the anointed see him coming along side, then the WT's whole delusion gets revealed, and the WT ends with the Great Tribulation, then we go into captivity into Babylon the Great. IT wont be until Babylon the Great is destroyed that we will be set...
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    Will Jehovah's Witnesses Be Celebrating Thanksgiving?

    One day out of the year, the country USA, gives thanks to God for a meal.. They start collections for the poor, grocery store offer thanks giving meals to the starving, donation boxes for food to the poor so they can eat one day out of the year.. Hurray on their mercy!!!! Yet the native...
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    Look, it's a bear!

    I lived in Wyoming about 11 years.. Beautiful place and very wild..No place in the world more beautiful than the Medicine Bows at 11,000 feet.. Walking in the quaking aspens can give you a feeling of what heaven must be like, with bright sunlight hitting the leaves sparkling like diamonds and...
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    Does anybody else fix turkey?

    Thanks giving came from the pilgrims making peace with the local natives. The native americans taught them how to feed themselves in their new land..Weeks after that celebration, the pilgrims went up to the indians camp in the dead of night and killed them all in their sleep, genocide. Even the...
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    Sexual abuse in Japan coming to light

    A person could wonder if there is going to be another generation..
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    Sexual abuse in Japan coming to light

    I had to raise my children alone from pre-teen, their father, a brother , bailed on me... So, talking to my son was difficult because he was embarrassed . Telling him not to put himself in a position of being accused. Dna testing took a lot of that away now. He did respect that I told them both...
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    A Group of wild JWs appeared

    Its is funny, years of going to meetings at the kingdom hall, the one thing you walked away from is years of walking on egg shells, perhaps ? That is what introverts do naturally. Is your hair parted in the right direction, will you say something stupid? Or perhaps you bring on a tirade of...
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    Sunday Talk - Jehovah is riding on a swift cloud and is coming into Egypt

    No doubt there is another player, Jehovah's executioner.. Micah 5:5 '....;as for the Assyrian, when he comes into our land and when he treads upon our dwelling towers, we shall also have to raise up against him seven shepherds, eight dukes of mankind.. The king of the North carries out...
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    “Jehovah has helped the FDS to discern deeper principles & understanding” Kenneth Cook 🧐

    Sounds to me like the WT is loosing money and are willing to dump some of their "Rule upon Rule", measuring line upon measuring line" to get their contributions back. Look at the lives they have ruined, children ruined for life, family torn to bits over disfellowshipping for no just reason, and...
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    Sunday Talk - The Visions of Daniel

    Depends on what is for sale and what you are buying. We know it all comes down to loyalty to the Son. We assume it applies to food or physical goods..Jeremiah was instructed to buy land from a relative i Jeremiah 32: in order to affirm his inheritance in the land.. So then , what will we be...
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    Annual Meeting - Opportunity for unbelievers after the tribulation begins.

    Jahrule, Joel is such a remarkable book in the Bible, and is a synopsis of the whole experience we will go through..Joel 2:28 "And after that It must occur that I shall pour out my spirit on every sort of flesh, and on your sons and your daughters will certainly prophesy ", then verse 29 ...
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    Have you ever wondered?

    This little girl certainly has a lot of passion in her music for her age. So many coming on the scene play like trained monkeys. Mendelssohn's music is always uplifting. I especially love the Mendelssohn violin concerto in E minor.. He writes music in the minor modes yet it still sounds happy...
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    Annual Meeting - Opportunity for unbelievers after the tribulation begins.

    Jesus really is.. John 1:14 .." and he was full of undeserved kindness and truth", (or grace) as some translations say..
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    Annual Meeting - Opportunity for unbelievers after the tribulation begins.

    One can only surmise knowing that Jehovah is merciful that the Great Crowd will truly be a Great number. we wont be able to count them..Another thought, at which point where in Micah are all these people out of the nations coming to the mountain of Jehovah coming? That hasn't happened yet...
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    109 years of the Watchtower nonsense

    IT comes right down to the heart motivation, does it not? How long does one glorify Jehovah and love his son, forever of until the WT does something stupid? the person that studied with me was of the anointed and flat out told us to only believe what was written in the Bible. If they can't...
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    Caught between a rock and a hard place!!

    Always tell the truth!!! We learned coming in JW's basic teachings that are true, the trinity doctrine, condition of the dead. 144,000 , paradise earth,etc. The WT has failed in their understanding of prophecy. They do make mistakes and won't admit to them.. That's why we need to search the...