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  1. kirmmy

    World War Three Updates

    I learned a new word recently Bill: Aposematism It's why the current crop of lefty, whack-jobs have purple, green and other weird colors in their hair. Be's a warning.
  2. kirmmy

    All about Covid

    Welcome to Kanada; Land of the fee and home of the chicken-hearted. People think this will change when Turdo is kicked to the curb but it won't. Satan is keeping it real and will continue to until Jah steps in.
  3. kirmmy

    World War Three Updates

    I have it on good authority that it will be more like this:
  4. kirmmy

    Monday, Feb. 26th - The Apostasy Must Come First

    We could refer to the WBTS as the wizard of blah, blah, blahz
  5. kirmmy

    American Economic Collapse

    More importantly, why don't his fingers look like fat, little sausages? Well that's certainly not true to life.
  6. kirmmy

    New Jerusalem foundations

    I'm actually thinking of the question about the 12th apostle. The answer is in the Bible and Lady Blue provided the scripture first that proves it. Regarding Paul, he was a great, great Apostle but he wasn't the 12th due to the scripture mentioned. STI gave some really good reasoning on why that...
  7. kirmmy

    Friday, Feb 23 - They do not know, nor do they understand

    Some of us like a challenge. :)
  8. kirmmy


    This was posted in the Spring, I'm a little late to the doggy party but dogs do have a fifth "toe" on their hind legs it just high up and called a dewclaw.
  9. kirmmy

    New Jerusalem foundations

    You do this often, and I'm not sure why. It's like the old meme:
  10. kirmmy

    New Jerusalem foundations

    Yes but Alan, in this case the Bible is quite clear on what happened and yet...some...are questioning those scriptures and speculating where there is no room for speculation. I like to speculate as well as the next guy but where there is a clear scriptural directive...I'm very careful.
  11. kirmmy

    World War Three Updates

    I've been hearing that they're not the only ones... Bezos, Buffet and others. It seems the rats are leaving the sinking ship. I'm just looking for a piece of wood to hang on to.
  12. kirmmy

    JEHOVAH, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Peter 1:3)

    He didn't say you'd be happy with the answers or agree with them...
  13. kirmmy

    JEHOVAH, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Peter 1:3)

    REALLY?! You're going to direct people to for a free Bible study? What a complete clown show. I wouldn't be surprised if this guy is a WBTS created bot.
  14. kirmmy

    Can the trinity be trusted as a Biblical Teaching?

    What took you so long? :) We're getting a real crop of strange people on this site lately.
  15. kirmmy

    American Economic Collapse

    What?! Now I'm dissapointed.
  16. kirmmy

    Turbo Cancer

    That's the worst kind of cancer from my recollection. When my Dad had it there was a 2% chance of survival and 1% of that was misdiagnosis. It's a really, really bad one. Lots of people are going to be dead within the year. My Dad was...
  17. kirmmy

    In the Image of God

    Jehovah creates, he doesn't give birth...well as far as I know. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills now.
  18. kirmmy

    Sabotage or Coincident?

    It's Africa. They won't ask for much. 2.6 Million Nairas (Nigerian)...$1,619 US dollars. Hell, I'll pay that if it makes them go away. :)
  19. kirmmy

    In the Image of God

    Provided with a lot of scriptures but...OK, well then what's your point? Trinity?
  20. kirmmy

    Jehovah in new testament.

    Translate: Is it correct that Jesus showed the model prayer: Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be your name, and that the name does not appear anywhere in the Greek scriptures? How little it smells like singeing. And it smells more like its removal was intentional.