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    The Watchtower's Information Warfare

    A billboard near Warwick that would say: Luke 21:24 Revelation 11:2 Daniel 12:7 Bethelites would feel 'safe' to look those up.
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    Just a Small Note

    I was not aware of the negative consequences. I am sorry.
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    Why Tony Morris is not on GB Anymore? Just a Theory

    I was going to ask too, please share when you can.
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    Tue, Mar 12 - "May Jehovah be praised"

    There are parts of this article I agree with but social distancing useless? I agree being outside with sunshine and good airflow there was little to no risk but maybe not the subway ride to get to an outdoor location. I know of one gathering where 17 except 2 got Covid or covid like illness...
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    Saturday, March 9th - Because they did not believe the truth

    #1 looks like it has a plastic container, #2 seems to have water falling into the well?
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    Our first time speaking out and experience!

    I understand what you are saying Nomex but about my comment about the segment in the update about which way the #s were going, the COs were reporting upward the people who died and their vaccination status....that is how they were inferring that it was the right course of action. You can say...
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    Tuesday, March 5th - Oh, the horror!

    Romans 2:14,15....and then.....verse 16.
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    Our first time speaking out and experience!

    There was an update, I forget which one, probably around June or July of 21 where they very somberly reported the death #s and how many were/were not vaccinated. That was after there was time enough for the high risk groups to get vaccinated. I give them a pass then, I think those numbers...
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    Jehovah's Future Judgments and 666

    The merchants mourn over the demise of the woman because she will no longer buy their cargo.
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    No schisms at this point.
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    Unrepentant Apostates Will Not Be Resurrected

    They tried to kill Lazarus to get rid of the evidence. "Hey great news you died but are now alive, so unusual, but we have to kill you." Jerks.
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    Bro. Rando

    Looking closer at 2 Thess 2 it seems that more specifically Paul is saying that any presence declared before the apostasy would be a false presence, not a false presence must be declared before the apostasy. There is a difference.
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    Monday, Feb. 26th - The Apostasy Must Come First

    Reading this now for the third time it makes even more sense. I would like to hear what Robert or anyone else thinks about this ??
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    Monday, Feb. 26th - The Apostasy Must Come First

    This part of Daniel I still feel rough around the edges about. Please let me give this some time for a reply.
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    Monday, Feb. 26th - The Apostasy Must Come First

    Thank you so much for sharing that. I'm sure many here appreciated that. I might have another comment shortly.
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    Monday, Feb. 26th - The Apostasy Must Come First

    Can you share more specifics about what you said to him that the man of lawlessness can't be the clergy and what was he saying in response? The whole forum would like a transcript but whatever you can indulge us in, please.
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    Friday, Feb 23 - They do not know, nor do they understand

    This is what Ana wrote: Honey, I also got the first dose, I gave in, not to WT, but if I did it to the family blackmail, if I didn't I wouldn't see my daughter, and it took a long time to see her. How man is dominated and how some like to exercise that domination... But I remember that I was...