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    Experience: Shepherding call

    Also agree 100%. I Was an elder now faded. I could not do it any longer; too much hypocrisy. I feel a lot better now with the burden lifted off my shoulders.
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    Experience: Shepherding call

    Agree with Citrine 100%.
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    If they were interested in truth and transparency then auditing would be performed by outside 3rd party firms
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    This is nothing new, has been this way for a few years... just they jacked the USA up to $10.75/month per pub per month- Also if there is more than a few months of $$$ in the general congregation account to cover expenses then the excess funds should be sent up the pipeline too
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    Anthony Morris no longer missing.

    JT sums it up well
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    Anthony Morris no longer missing.

    My guess would be the second house is for somebody keeping an eye on things and/or their gopher. That way can help to keep them from roaming in public(can’t have a sequel: “ Bottlegate 2: From top shelf to bottom shelf” or alternate title: from Macallan to Old Crow….)Other inter web rumblings...
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    Friday, July 21 - Has the GB been standing out in the sun too long?

    This echoes statements by a CO recently who spoke of going to a convention in the new system where Jehovah and Jesus would be giving talks, and some other far out comments. Some have opined that the clot shots can have some peculiar effects on people (delusions?)
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    Last deleted unseen 9-minute video from Governing Body Member Anthony Morris

    its about the real estate portfolio. don’t think the museums will be open to the general public either
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    ELDERS LETTER JUNE 2023 - Confidential Boxes

    I think the hail would be melted by 11/6. Who knows maybe it is just some of the carrot dangling in front of the mule? They have to do something to try to drum up something remotely positive. Maybe it is the form you will have to fill out to be authorized for zoom
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    Forgiveness Gaslighting in WT Lesson

    The article strikes me in typical WT gaslighting fashion- Examining the account at Matthew 20 from Jesus's perspective where James & John and the other 10 disciples all had fault. But when it transitions into the "What can we learn" segment, it focuses on the publisher as being in the group of...
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    Deleted Convention Shunning Videos

    Naw not around my circuit.
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    Has the Watchtower been infiltrated by Freemasons?

    Not so fast on the Spain thing... check out this link (scroll down to the "JW Fact Check") which reports that it was Buddhists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, and the Orthodox Church who received the tax exemption. Also, extra points for the interfaith photo with the JW with the other church...
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    AI and Rev 13:17

    ah Kamala, the AI czar. WT quoting her in this article. You just can’t make this stuff up….the jokes write themselves. And also notice the bastion of neutrality that WT consistently quotes in these ‘current event’ topics—The New York Times. Good thing I wasn’t paying too much attention in...
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    AI and Rev 13:17

    Watchtower clickbait
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    A Biblical reason why Jerusalem wasn't destroyed in 607 BCE

    Well, the second baptism question post 1985 was Do you understand that your dedication and baptism identify you as one of Jehovah's Witnesses in association with God's spirit-directed organization? And changed in 2019 to Do you understand that your baptism identifies you as one of Jehovah’s...
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    October 31st 2023

    107th anniversary of Charles Taze Russel death?
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    Saturday, May 13 2023 Should brothers continue to reach out?

    Niobium pulls the pins and speaks truth bombs. It is an arduous task to dance around semantics as stated. And an elder does more than just talks, as they have to toe the party line on the borg parts on the midweek meeting parts and the WT study. It was stated in the initial post on this topic...
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    Religious Groups Received $6-10 Billion In COVID-19 Relief Funds, Hope For More!

    it would take a whistleblower who had the receipts I believe
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    Watchtower Movies Now On Letterboxed But For A Fee 🤔

    As far as a presence on Youtube…too many apostates on their for the borg. You can’t have Kevin McFree and Kim Mikey etc returning in the algorithm. In a nutshell, they cannot control it and borg are all about control
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    Religious Groups Received $6-10 Billion In COVID-19 Relief Funds, Hope For More!

    Would have been tough for them to get a PPP loan since they have no payroll, or at least they say they don’t. Its not like they are transparent or have ever been audited by an outside accounting firm(at least to my feeble and limited knowledge)
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    Jehovahs Witnesses PA.Child Molestation Update..

    Ramping up…several states talking about enacting a window of time for filing of claims that are unable to be pursued due to statute of limitations. Of course, it is all apostate lies(tm). There is a midweek part coming up in June that reviews the evils of apostates and i think even has an...
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    About giving Bibles in the ministry not from the Org.

    Probably frowned on. They don’t even want you to copy/paste the QR codes from the literature and put on a personal letter. Typically only use borg literature
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    Watchtower's advice for dealing with pandemic.

    Also seems like limping along on two opinions to me
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    Watchtower's advice for dealing with pandemic.

    @mts brings out good points. As he surely recalls, the statement for the requirement for the elder schools was led in by the typical weasel words "health officials indicate....". Once again, what health officials? Who are they? When did 'they' say this? or, the Borg complain about apostate...
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    Norway Decision Update

    Looks like the verdict has come back.... not to the Borg's favor --> Here I would assume they will appeal if possible