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This thread is for easy access to RKs podcats, which are rather difficult to find on e-watchman.

This is #1
This is the first of a renewed commitment to my regularly producing podcasts in order to answer questions from you, the listener. This episode considers questions regarding whether Jehovah’s Witnesses ought not to leave the Watchtower organization in view of its error and corruption. And is the Watchtower Babylon the Great?

This is #2
This episode considers the question of how the wheat and weeds could presently co-exist within the Watchtower Society. And an extended discussion of the true identity and purpose of the biblical man of lawlessness.

Hehe podcats, that sounds so cute but in all seriousness thank you for sharing these I know I will be checking these out for sure!


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I click on that and can't seem to get the page where the podcasts are to come up. I get the mailbag but podcasts for some reason are hard to find. I'm looking at it now and trying and just mailbag comes up.
The MAILBAG button drops down when you hover over the BROADCAST tab.


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My internet is slow and the broadcast page takes a bit to load, that may be the reason.
I added another menu at the very bottom of the sidebar that appears with every post. It doesn't have any drop-down tabs so it might be easier for you to access
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