An experience as a JW mom- Leave your experiences raising your children in the truth!


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I was a pretty decent JW mother, i mean i tried. I read the bible to my kids everyday, meticulously explained why we didn’t celebrate holidays and birthdays, even went over 2520 days of years 1914 last days calculation with them (a few times) when they were quite little- they got it. kinda.

I was super busy, worked part time in corporate, family law, and civil litigation, aux pioneered, married to an “unbeliever”, three meetings a week. I was constantly frazzled, but i was happy.

One day it was Halloween and i hadn’t prepared for my daughter, who was in 3rd grade, to skip school, i hadn’t communicated with the teacher, nothing, i had to be in court by 9am- so on a whim, i grabbed an acorn squash from the fridge, gave it to my daughter, I took her to school and dropped her off, and I said “carve that”.

at 3:30pm i picked her up from
school and she got in the car and hurled the acorn squash, uncarved, on the floor- she said that the hard plastic pumpkin carver tool wouldn’t penetrate the acorn squash so her teacher went and got some of those metal scrissors that they have for kids (the left-handed ones had the word “LEFTY” imprinted on them) and it would not penetrate it so then she upgraded to adult scissors. Nope. Apparently the teacher worked up a sweat trying to even poke a hole in that thing. After trying for a long time she gave up and my daughter went to her desk and cried.

That night, i cooked the acorn squash in the oven and we had it for dinner.

She still reminds me of it, but in a good way. We laugh a lot about that.


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Thanks for sharing, that’s hilarious.

We don’t have children so I don’t have anything to share.