Cures for the vaccine?


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1 litro de zumo de zanahoria diario por 5 días repartido en diferentes tomas. Mejor con extractor de zumo que con licuadora. También tomar cápsulas de orégano durante 1 mes o más, depende del parásito. Pero la zanahoria es fantástica para matarlos.
Translation: 1 liter of carrot juice daily for 5 days divided into different doses. Better with a juice extractor than with a blender. Also taking oregano capsules for 1 month or more, depending on the parasite. But the carrot is great for killing them.


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@LuisMerino9412 To be completely honest, no matter what you do you will never be able to completely reverse the effects. Suggestions will mitigate the effects, and another thing is hopefully you didn't get the poison variant. But elimination is impossible because there are things you cannot do. Hopefully Jehovah chose you as among those that survive through the Great Tribulation.

A lab technician died after a drop of variant of mercury that's extremely dangerous fell on the top of her hand. The gloves she had on were not sufficient enough. While they were able to get a lot of it out, the damage that was done by the point was impossible to repair, and while you can get it out of the bloodstream, they could not do anything about the mercury that's lodged in every corner of the body. She died after slow mental degradation over a course of several months.

Be suspicious of any massive push in the future, and remember