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The Bible’s Hope for Mankind​

Song 23
The Bible’s Hope for Mankind
(Romans 12:12)
1. Dark days are here; man lives in fear,
With dire expectation as to all creation.
Having no hope, blindly they grope
As the system nears its end.

But the Bible gives us a reason for cheer,
Due to all the proofs that the Kingdom is near.
From the eyes of men God will wipe ev’ry tear.
Raise yourselves erect; you have nothing to fear.
2. Life’s darksome night, filled with much fright,
None can be denying, for all men are dying.
None from the grave his life can save;
All man’s work is vanity.
But the Bible holds out a hope for the dead,
That a resurrection for these lies ahead.
To refreshing fountains of life they’ll be led.
This is the good news that Jehovah has said.
3. Puffed up with pride, men God deride
With blasphemous slander, in sin’s ways meander.
Satan holds sway o’er earth today;
Wickedness is all around.
But the Bible tells us that soon there will be
Judgment from Jehovah, and then all will see
Blotting out of wicked ones eternally
And the meek ones filling the earth joyously.


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The JW that penned those lyrics was just ahead of his time. Are you sure you want to be a ridiculer?
Are we at the point where people are in fear of the things coming upon the inhabited earth yet? Luke 21:26.
I know that my neighbor is and a lot of other people are. There is an interview on Redacted that I posted under the All Things Covid / Safe and Effective thread, where the doctor says that gain of fuction research is going on in labs all over the world to bioengineer a virus that is more contagious and deadly than C. He believes that this new biowarfare is more of a threat to mankind than nuclear war. It seems to me like this world is like a train that has lost it's brakes on a fast track to destruction and people can see it but are helpless to do anything to stop it. Some don't or won't see it but it's getting to a point where it can't be ignored by anyone who is at all aware and thinking with any clarity.
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I confess I have no idea how much time remains, but the events in my life have unequivocally shown that Jehovah has been with me. I have no doubt about that. If the end arrives in my lifetime, that's wonderful; I welcome it. But if it doesn't, it's not a big deal. I just need to navigate through this life, knowing that eventually, I'll be transported to the future. Even if there are 500+ years remaining, I only need to endure as long as I live, and that won't be for 500+ years. It's regrettable that Watchtower has fueled so many false expectations.

If I had to speculate, I don't foresee this world lasting another century. Observing how dire things have become over the decades, it seems unsustainable in the grand scheme of things. If it does persist, there may not be many believers left. I can't fathom what Watchtower or the world at large would look like a hundred years from now.

Ultimately, throughout history, many of God's people have had to wait for various periods. They likely wondered how long they would have to wait, not specifically for the last days, but for different things—like the Messiah, Abraham's descendants, the discovery of the promised land, and various other waiting periods.

Are we somehow exempt from waiting? That seems unlikely. The event we're waiting for is the pinnacle of human history, millennia in the making. If it appears that my God is delaying, I'll continue to await in anticipation. I'll keep following Christ and refrain from relying solely on my own understanding. Besides, what else am I going to do? Get drunk, join a fraternity, shave my head and pass out picture of Buddha at the airport? Come on, dude. I ain't got time for that. This is the way.


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We have what we need to walk in the way through God's word the Bible, and it's prophecies as a light shining in a dark place to guide us along the path.

Consequently we have the prophetic word [made] more sure; and YOU are doing well in paying attention to it as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until day dawns and a daystar rises, in YOUR hearts. 2 Peter 1:19
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The JW that penned those lyrics was just ahead of his time. Are you sure you want to be a ridiculer?
Oh, I always thought it was a silky sing. That deep tone singing "Dark days are here", then all of a sudden, the tune changes and everyone's at a high pitch singing "But the Bible gives us a reason for cheer." Then back down to the baritone and up again.