Died Suddenly

Joseph Stephan

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MOMENCE, Ill. (Gray News) - A girls high school basketball player reportedly collapsed and died this week in Illinois.

According to multiple reports, 14-year-old Amari Crite died on Thursday after collapsing on the court while playing a home game at Momence High School.




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This is Grayson, he was 5 years old. He's the great grandson of my great uncle, which I believe makes us 3rd cousins. He died of influenza A officially, but I would bet he was vaccinated for COVID and the flu due to his insurance being Medicaid, which is known to heavily medicate and vaccinate children. The bright side of this sad story is he'll wake up in Paradise when the Resurrection starts, but that fact won't stop the tears from flowing at his funeral today. He was in young 5's, which is pre-kindergarten, so I can only imagine the concern other parents are having today in our small, rural community.