Excess deaths....


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That’s quite normal, Paul. Members of the cartel….sorry, parliament, do not have to turn up unless they have to vote, or unless they are commanded to attend by the Whips - a sort of official department of thuggery in parliament that sees to it that MPs tow the government line. The House of Lords is worse, I understand in that to qualify for their £800 daily attendance fee, they simply have to turn up, clock in and then go home. I’ve heard it said that some turn up for lunch, and sleep it off in chambers and then go home - claiming for their taxi of course! The reason why so many are in attendance in the picture you show, is that the others are probably worrying away in their clubs about the up-coming election. I have enclosed a recent example for your delectation. It’s not far from the truth.

Paul H

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Thnx for the info bro Barnaby
Here in NL, the parliament is also doing everything they can to avoid a parliamentary investigation on the safety of those injections...
They all collaborated... I think politicians are slowly beginning to worry about tribunals...and they should tbh.