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Litening to Diane Sare's she's the LaRouche candidate for senate blog this weekend she was saying that there are now three derailments in U.S per day!
Why would you have a building program that used material with a thirty year life span? Here in the U.K Schools and public buildings are being condemned because they have become dangerously close to falling down which has happened in some instances They have used an inferior aerated concrete called RAAC I'm no building expert but I know if you want concrete to hold up you need to strengthen it with steel then vibrate it to get rid of air pockets not give it air bubbles? ; Why indeed would they only build for a thirty year cycle? What happened thirty year back? The Berlin wall came down, NGO's were planted in Russia which was not expected to live beyond this time and it's eugenicist agenda was to have been won! Infact I remember listening to Condaleeza Rice some yrs back saying Russia will be financially comprimised before 2020! So I believe the cabal has over extended it's agenda and fell short due to hubris and over confidence? I honestly feel if their original plans were effected most of the planet would be dead by now! They didn't plan on Trump! You couldn't pick a better name!
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