Freemasonry & The little rascals


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Feb 18, 2022
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Just watched this documentary about the Lil Rascals. I knew freemasonry was very old in Hollywood, but apparently it dates back all the way to the beginning of movies and entertainment. It even dates back to the silent era with Our Gang. The show seems to be about orphans who had their own little secret societies. The imagery, the stories, the music, once you see it you can't ignore it.

The video starts off by examining some of the jokes, and it might be easy to say it's just coincidence, but he builds a very strong case, not to mention the guy who created Lil Rascals was himself a Freemason. If you Google it you won't find much about this overall, but you can verify Carl Switzer or the actor who played Alfalfa was a Freemason. It's on his tombstone. There are others involved in the shows who were Freemasons as well. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. I thought some of you here interested in secret societies may find this interesting. I know I did.

It's full length, but definitely worth the time.

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