GB Biographies

I have been trying to find out the backgrounds of the men who call themselves the governing body of Jehovah's Witnesses and the Youtube The Blue Channel has some good videos on Stephen Lett, Tony Morris and Mark Sanderson but not on any of the other GB.

On other prominent men, I have news clipping on Mark Noumair's father who appears was a Freemason since he was an active member of the Kiwani's which is affiliated with Freemasonry and also worked for the Walter Meade theater which looks very Masonic when you see the photos,



and he was a former sargeant who did aerial photography which suggests intelligence. I also have some news clippings of Nathan Knorr's family. His father was also in the theater business which is interesting.

Watch Mark Noumair's hands at the 14th second of this introduction of this broadcast. He makes the FM pyramid hand sign on purpose, TWICE (again at the 26th second:

Here, he does it in the first five seconds:

There are literally dozens of videos of them making these hand signs. You can comb through the website for days.

I also found the FM square and compass logo in the 1938 Consolation numerous times. They are using it as the symbol representing the Catholic Jesuits during Hitler's regime:


Of glimpse of that magazine is flashed on the screen in Part 2 of "Faith on the March".

If you guys have more to add on the background of these men as I'd been interested in finding more proof of their Masonic connections since we've all seen their rings and hand signs.

For example, Gerrit Loesch's life story on has a whole section in the beginning about him writing a glowing report on his time being raised as a boy scout.

The founder of Boy Scouts was a Freemason:

His father was supposedly killed in WW2 but that also could mean that he just went into military intelligence:

Does anyone else know the childhood backgrounds of the families of David Splane, Geoffrey Jackson, Stephen Lett, Kenneth Cook, Geoffrey Winder, Gage Fleegle, Samuel Herd, Nathan Knorr, Milton Henschel, Fred Franz, or Rutherford?

I know that Rutherford campaigned for William Bryan Jenning for the presidential Democratic ticket and Jennings was a Freemason.


There is going to be a rebuttal of the Freemasonry connections to the GB and the rings, etc, by the Youtube channel AltWorldly so it will be interesting to see what "evidence" that he has.