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If things get painful to the point of distraction, I make the painful area more painful. Seems to do the trick.
Until the next time it hurts. I need 2 walking sticks to help me get around. I asked the supermarket owner if I could use the store trolley as a walker, I offered to buy the thing. He said I'll think about it, but go ahead and use it in the mean time. It has been 8 months now.

I've already designed in my head a brace to strap onto my legs n hips. Not desperate enough to turn it into a thing, yet. I also have an idea for a 3 wheel mobility rig. Jehovah has helped me to cope before I need to cope Just by endowing me with skills, to do stuff. At some point there will come a time when I will really need to rely on Jehovah. That time is not here yet.