Music With a Message (Positive please)


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The kryptonite would be Judas. That is why Jesus kept him at arms length and called him the “son of destruction”. “Krypto” from the Greek “Kryptoithicus” to ‘secretly change’ ‘subterfuge’ ‘infiltrate’, from which we derive the roots of ‘critical’ ‘criticise‘ ‘critique‘ via Latin to English (circa late 1500s ) imparting the sense of to ‘destroy’, ‘cause harm’ or latterly, to “detract from” as in a food critic destroying the reputation of a chef. As you may note, Jerry Siegal, (b 1914) who invented superman, circa 1933 was a Jew, and there is room to assume in American folk lore that superman was based upon Moses. However, there is no substance to assume that there was any reference to Jesus as being the focal point of the character. Given the attitude of Jews to Christ, that is of little surprise. It‘s a bit worrisome that a pioneer could even think up such a dream - but that’s watchtower for you. Maybe the GB have a regular subscription to marvel comics.
Thanks for sharing that bit of background information. Very interesting…