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Seeing beyond the speaker is the first step in studying the truth. “It is not my word, but the word of my father, who sent me”. One enjoys the luxury of fine piece of furniture, and praises the carpenter, rather that the salesman whom we bought it from. It’s as simple as that, but there is more. One can be thankful to the salesman for pointing the piece out, describing its beauties of workmanship, it’s elegance of line, the choice of timber and the skill of the true craftsman, even down to the real beauty - the wood itself, the grain, the colour, the scent of the timber that creates its beauty. But what have we bought? The salesman, or the cabinet? Surely, the salesman has his reward from the carpenter himself for displaying his work so eloquently and enlightening the seeker of refinement to its beauties, its value and its eternal grandure. Such a salesman will be highly prized and valued by the carpenter, for making him rich in his purpose, and whom can then say to the Forester that grew the trees and set them apart for his purpose, “Look what I have done with your timber, and how my salesmen have brought glory to your work in husbandry.” All that is required is that the end purchaser of such beauty, recognises who made the raw material. Neither the salesman, or the carpenter, but the forester.
Excellent analogy.