New “what does the bible say”article


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I haven’t read articles because I think a child did the artwork, 😂 they must be playing with toy solders at Warwick!!


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Yeah, here is the link

Jesus has supposedly been ruling the world for 109 years and still no peace? Except, for all of the Watchtower's palaver about there not being peace on earth, that actually has been. Just wait a little while longer and you are going to know war like never before. Whether they call it World War Three or something else doesn't matter. When the missiles start flying and the system crashes millions of JWs are going to want to know how the Watchtower could have been so wrong. It will be interesting to see what the GB has to say, if anything.
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If the article quoted (above) is an indication of watchtower reasoning, then they really are scraping the bottom of the barrel, while skating on the surface of the question. People are quite able to live in peace, seek peace, make friends and conduct themselves reasonably. True, there is a far, far greater truth and lie to contend with - we know that, but here watchtower play their game of ruling by inducing fear and despair, rather than promulgating the Christian message of peace and faith, waiting patiently and extending the hand of friendship where possible, rather than engendering fear. We should be rejoicing in hope as we see the time draw near, especially with those of a like mind. I suppose watchtower find keeping the pot of fear boiling financially rewarding. As Maybelle points out - playing with toys as Rome burns.