New World Order

Little River

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What caught my attention was when he mentioned the words NEW ORDER.. twice during his talk..never said new system
The title of study article 19 of the Study Edition April 2023 is How Can We Strengthen Our Faith in Jehovah's Promise of a New World?
The entire article is on the promise of Jehovah's New World.
The word "new world" is used 14 times (out of 19 paragraphs)
In paragraph 12 it quotes Revelation 21:1 "And I saw a new heaven and a new earth."


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Speaking of the words used by WTS, this has to be where spiritual thinking and discernment is needed. It's difficult for sure. Why couldn't it have been so clear, so easy? New World Translation, New World Order. The words themselves are harmless. In every aspect the upcoming paradise earth ruled by Christ is both the real New World and New World Order. But the impression of the words are tarnished.

@Melinda When you said "in plane sight" it probably wasn't a mistake. In "plane" as in airplane. I hate the way they messed up everything.


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I remember in the late 1990's the witnesses spoke of Paradise and a new system.
It is also possible that Satan is trying to imitate God by promising a "New World"
It's EXACTLY what he is doing. Look at videos about prosthetics. One video said "blind will see, and deaf will hear".