Next week's Midweek Meeting Part: "We Reject the Voice of Strangers"


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So, why would anyone be hesitant or afraid to read or listen to someone who doctrinally believes just as Jehovah’s Witnesses do but has a different take on prophecy with scriptures to back it up. What is the GB afraid of if they really believe they have the truth? The real truth?
It's very subtle, that's the problem. Normally I have quite an independent mind, but if I was still part of the organization I don't know what I would have done for the simple fact that the belief that they are the true faith is strongly inculcated in us. I had many unconscious "voices" in my head when I was attending.

-Why are the questions about most of the prophetic books not answered? When will it be answered?(Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea, Malachi, etc).
-They claim they aren't prophets, yet in other circumstances they strongly imply they are the authoritative source of the information. Never directly, but indirectly. "We are the faithful and discreet slave whom Christ uses to deliver the messages..."
-Even deeper it felt like a lull, that I wasn't learning something significant after the basic facts. The things that the sisters/brothers talk in beaming tones about "new spiritual knowledge" didn't seem to be anything more than slight adjustments of the previous understandings, nothing drastic.
-And obviously there were many divorced and even had one disfellowshipped got reinstated in my congregation. Seeing that my parents were long time JWs, I have seen many such instances. It may have been better than the outside world(at least I thought at the time) but it was no "paradise".

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We can only keep trying and praying for them.

Rest I'm afraid will take the "terror to make them understand". To what degree of terror is required depends on the individual. Maybe a false flag event will be enough. Or maybe it'll take an actual nuclear missile wiping out a city.

The fear of losing all association with the organization you long believed was the bastion of truth is very scary. Especially if you followed their recommendations to the letter and gave up your education, career, portion of your income, and only had friends in the congregation. And who wants this comfy system of things to end? I don't either. I took comfort in the fact that since I had to go through the bad situation to accept things, eventually our loved ones will do the same, even though they might be bruised in the end.
prayer is indeed a powerful thing.. even if it can take awhile.. funny thing is my 14 year old have seem to have understood whats happened to the (b)org.. last week he prayed to Jehovah to help him find out the truth about whats going on with jw's then he came and asked me directly.. i gave him the bulletpointed list..explaining to the best of my ability the whats and whys.. luckily he has so far come to the conclusion that Jehovah and Jesus are real and the bible gods word.. only he doesnt trust in men anymore.. ❤️ and the rest of the family seem to have gained some newfound humility as of late.. im hoping and awaiting patiently for the time when the others will start asking questions too.. and in the meantime i have someone close to talk about these things with👍

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This is very sick and was only practiced by the most rabid of the covid evangelists. I remember a stewardess smiling and gesturing her fingers(mockingly I might add) to put the mask over the nose. It really is nothing but feel-good justice. For the entire flight I had my turned head towards the window so I could breathe. How can anyone breathe in these things?
Thank you for validating the feelings of possibly millions of people! Does anyone remember seeing the videos of Kindergardners that were being made to 'mask up' by their parents before going to school? They were screaming and crying and trying to rip the masks off! I felt SO SORRY for those kids, they are probably permanently damaged now. I know I would have been!
I know I'm going to show those that woke up this:
-as Dr. Anthony Fauci put it.
-says founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab
I hated that article. I am very familiar with Narcissistic behavior and gaslighting. This is such a great example of gaslighting!
(Comments in Red text are mine)

Use reliable information
Scripture: “The naive person believes every word, but the shrewd one ponders each step.”—Proverbs 14:15.
What it means for you: Choose carefully what advice you will follow. Your choice matters—you could potentially harm your health by making decisions based on misinformation.

Oh, like from the CDC, WHO, Dr. Fauci, etc, etc?
(Following excerpts are from the 'misinformation' article hyperlinked in the pandemic article:

For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the secretary-general of the United Nations warned of a dangerous epidemic of misinformation.

So, since when are we following the United Nations? Maybe since 1992? :unsure:

Evaluate the source and content

What the Bible says: “Make sure of all things.”—1 Thessalonians 5:21.

Before believing or forwarding a story, even one that is popular or repeated in the news, verify that it is true. How?

Evaluate the reliability of the source. News media companies and other organizations may slant a story because of their commercial or political bias. Compare what you see in one news outlet with other sources.
They need to follow their own advice!

Stop the spread of misinformation

What the Bible says: “You must not spread a report that is not true.”—Exodus 23:1.

Remember that the information you share with others has the power to affect their thoughts and actions. Even if you unintentionally pass on wrong information, the consequences can be harmful.

Ask yourself: ‘Am I sharing this information because I know it is true?’

What is a conspiracy theory? A conspiracy theory is a claim that sinister and powerful groups have secretly plotted to cause a significant or tragic event.
Oh, you mean like SATAN and his DEMONS? So the Bible's message is a conspiracy theory? :unsure:

Show respect for others

Scripture: “Honor men of all sorts.”—1 Peter 2:17.

What it means for you: People have reacted differently to the pandemic and its consequences. Allow them their opinions, but respectfully stick to the good decisions that you have made. Be considerate of the unvaccinated, the elderly, and those with serious underlying health issues.

This was the most cringeworthy 'advice' from the gaslighters!

Mt 16:6, Mark 7:6-8