Self-Control and the Vaccine


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Ah yes, blood is the only danger, right?

Such lies. They know darn well they didn't make it feel like much of a choice at all.

I had put the school dates on my calendar so that I could help bring some food. Then a friend told me that the vaccine was required even to bring food for the school. So I approached the brother who was coordinating and asked. He said he thought the requirement was only for the students attending (come on now, is that logical?) and said he'd get back to me. Assumed I only meant I hadn't had the booster, I said no I've had none. He never got back to me either way.
Well even if they don't contain blood, there are other things that the GB could have mentioned.
Like all of the vaccines have been tested using fetal cells. They didn't abort a baby for these vaccines, but these cells were grown from an actual aborted baby for that purpose.

Also using mRNA is something that should raise flags. The way DNA is working to develop a human is something that originated with Jehovah. They should have raised that as well that basically using mRNA technology is modifying the way Jehovah made us.

So mentioning no blood and the above topics could help a mature Christian to make his own decision. But that's not what the GB did. 😡

These are the topics I wrote in a letter to my employer as to the reason why I didn't get the vaccine (close to getting mandated).


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2) WT passionately advocates for bodily sovereignty for the right to refuse blood products and has set up the HLC and has trained attorneys to help JW's to fight against mandates to take blood. They teach that individual JW's must respect each other's consciences on whether or not they take blood fractions and then turn around and imposed their own consciences on the unvaccinated and discriminate against them.
This is a point that I’ve thought about. This thinking doesn’t seem to be consistent and each stance would seem to be in conflict with the other.