Slovakia launching investigation.


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This is an excellent article Jim. I wonder if governments around the world will start putting guidelines like this in place. Only time will tell. Here below ⬇️ was stated at the end of the article.​

“Notice that even though he is a politician, he is not dancing around the issue or sugar coating it. He is simply telling it like it is.

This is a great template to follow, by other politicians who want to do the right thing at this time.

For example, in Canada, Alberta’s Premier Danielle Smith could launch such an investigation into corruption and crimes committed during the COVID-19 pandemic (especially by Alberta Health Services and the Colleges of Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists, Dentists, etc) and if she did, she would have overwhelming support from the public.”​



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The prime minister of Slovakia is starting an official investigation into the misuse of millions of public funds while more than 21,000 people died (nobody will today tell you the exact number) from untested vaccines (no official number of negatively affected)!