Sunday, June 30 2024 The love of the greater number will grow cold

Speaking of the increasing lawlessness, the GB used their influence to assure millions of trusting JWs that the vaccines were safe and effective. They even implied that Jehovah provided the vaccines so that his people could remain in the land of the living. All of their Updates are available online, so there is no denying that the Governing Body heartily endorsed the injections. Hold that thought.

It is rather comical when lies come unraveled. Here in the US, just last week, the spokesperson for the president and the leftwing media were saying that viral videos of President Biden being led by the hand, stumbling around appearing to be lost, were deep fakes, or cheap fakes, meaning that they had been digitally altered. And then, Thursday night, Biden was forced to go on stage without a teleprompter, and people were shocked to see the extent of his dementia. I bring this up only because it vividly demonstrates how official lies can quickly fall apart.

We cannot expect the majority of Jehovah's Witnesses to face the reality that the GB lied when they claimed Jehovah provided the vaccines. But the truth is out now. Millions of people worldwide know that they were lied to by the authorities; the vaccines were neither safe nor effective. Furthermore, unvaccinated persons pose no health risk to anyone. Even so, because of the GB's ringing endorsement, the unvaccinated in Watchtower Land are looked upon as being unfaithful or even rebellious. Such is the power the GB wields over Jehovah's Witnesses.

But the vaccination debacle is only the most recent and verifiable lie. The very foundation of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is built upon falsehood; that, of course, being that Christ began ruling the world in 1914. There is no point debating or arguing about it. The Watchtower's 1914 delusion will fall apart when all the things Jesus foretold begin happening; namely, war, food shortages, pandemics, great earthquakes, etc. Then, the leaders of Jehovah's earthly organization will resemble Joe Biden under the stage lights, mumbling incoherent gibberish.
"the leaders of Jehovah's earthly organization will resemble Joe Biden under the stage lights, mumbling incoherent gibberish."

When it comes to prophecy or anything else, the leaders have been mumbling gibberish for over 120 plus years..
When one actually reads everything that's ever been published from Russell on down will find for the most part has been pitched in the dumpsters of yesteryear.. not to mention the sad attendance of the meetings and conventions.. Just goes to show the regurgitated soup they keep serving up is fouling up the tables causing a spiritual famine.. or cooling off.. When a religious organization can't admit ever being wrong while blaming any failed gibberish on "Some People" got all fired up about a bs prophecy that went sideways on full display're gonna have a cooling off.. Hey.. they did it to themselves out of arrogance..and they'll have to learn what eating humble pie filled with crow really means...let's see them worm themselves out of this one..
But everyone is practicing 6 feet social distancing like good boys and girls. Shouldnt it be positive? :p
This would account for it Jehu. If there was a crowd of 30,000 at the assembly, and they are all 3 feet apart then the overseer giving the talk is 17 miles down the road. And if one allows four seconds for each sentence he utters being passed on down the line it will take approx 4 hours for his introduction to reach the the brother at assembly hall - assuming no one asks “what did you say?” at any one time. And the closing prayer will not reach the end of the line until a week later. And the question, “where are the toilets” can only end in disaster.