Sunday Talk - The Second Coming and Visible Parousia


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Robert, you’re not alone our dear brother. Tho some of us might not have the level of depth of understanding as you do, it’s our love for Jehovah, Jesus and their truth that binds us together. I know I am beyond grateful to Jehovah for finding you so many years ago. Thank you for the videos and articles, explaining such weighty topics. As always, may Jehovah continue to bless you and your wife.


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When the WT talk about the end message that will be preached, do they mean the anointed preaching to the courts etc?
No. They claim that JWs are already standing before governors and kings. The WT does intimate that at some point JWs will issue a hard-hitting message of doom, but the problem is, at least as far as the WT's 1914 doctrine goes, they claim that God's angels have already sounded the seven trumpets. In case you missed it, and we all did, the seven angels blew their trumpets back in the 1920s. :rolleyes:


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I posted my comments on this thread as an article on e-watchman

“This paragraph more or less confirms that the Watchtower has knowingly cooperated with the globalists’ scheme to use the pandemic and lockdowns to condition the world to submit to tyranny and break us down psychologically. How else would following ridiculous orders not to go outside prepare us for the tribulation? “

That is a really interesting point, something I hadn’t thought about. I remember an elder saying how the organisation shut down earlier than the governments and were basically ahead, of what was going on. But your point makes sense they shut down earlier because they were told to….!