The Great Deception and it's history

Soul Sage

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We been living in a world of lies and deception just as bible scripture says. This video is a good watch that describes past events and recent events. I'll be sharing this video with others who still think that governments and other establishment groups are to be trusted over independent sources with a good track record of reliable news. Despite what a recent Watchtower article said. This video really has nothing to do with religion, it's just an eye opener for some that believe in establishment sources.

This is Satans world afterall and we have to be able to override the lies with truth.

And here's another one. This woke me up about WT's advice on vaccines. Watch this:

and then read this:

Then look up the 1930 articles that Rutherford wrote about "The Crime of Vaccination".

Oh, and while you're at it, show them this:

If they still view the WHO, CDC, WT and Mainstream Media as "trusted sources" then there is no hope for them. The only trust source is Jehovah, Jesus and the Bible. Period.