The King of the North... what to expect?


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Today I was watching a mini series centered around 1940's occupied France, and it made me wonder what the Hour of Test may be like. Could there possibly be two fulfillments? One being the actual 42 month reign of the 8th king, and the other being the actual hour when we're individually put to the test? I imagine life will be a little different depending on your location, but in the West I think it will be a lot like life was under the Nazi occupation. Truth will be banned, and lies will be taught as truth... we're getting there now. The majority of people will be unconscious robots who follow the authorities, who we know will be following Satan. It'll be a horrible place to be for those of us who enjoy freedom of expression, speech, thought, movement and religion.

I noticed something I had never considered about before, the Nazi's didn't use the German flag. I obviously knew that, as would anyone who's ever seen the classic red and white swastika, but I had never really thought about it on a deeper level. Hitler rose to power thanks to funding by Western bankers and industrialists. The Nazis were a small occult group of anti-Christians, yet they took over a Christian nation. They never had the support of most Germans, but when his grip on power was absolute, his minority of enthusiastic supporters made it appear as if he was loved by all Germans. He's a preview of the 8th king. Lukewarm German Christians followed Hitler, just like they'll follow the 8th king.

My great aunt by marriage lost her teenage sister to the Nazi's Lebensborn Program. They never found out what happened to her. They hated the Nazis because they were Christians, but they didn't dare speak up. My aunt's family owned a bakery and did what all obedient Germans did, they put Nazi flags out on their property. My great aunt was never a Nazi supoorter, but she saw the indoctrination of her classmates. Today we see the West indoctrinating its children to be Woke or anti-Woke, depending on the intended target. I can only compare what she went through to what a follower of Jehovah went through when an apostate Israelite king followed Baal... you kept your head down and eyes forward.

The King of the North used Nazi Germany to test out a form of government where goodness and love was hard to find, while hatred and fear were the prevailing emotions. Most people don't know the British banker connection to Hitler, and we'll probably never know the full story. The King of the North needed to infiltrate the King of the South, so what better way than to create a common enemy in Hitler. Germany lost the war, but the Nazis won. Funded and controlled by the KOTN, the Nazis ideology spread and infiltrated almost every government on Earth via the Club of Rome, Bilderberg, WEF... etc.

The KOTN also used Communism to control nations where Fascism was more difficult to implement. Fascism was used to infiltrate Christian/democratic societies, while communism was used to take over nations who weren't accustomed to being free. The United States, as the King of the South, has proven more difficult to totally control than the KOTN imagined. The rights and freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution have stalled the advance of the KOTN; but those rights are only one Supreme Court case away from vanishing forever. Five human beings literally control how the Constitution is interpreted. So why hasn't the US fallen yet? Surely the KOTN could have used bribery, extortion and/or blackmail by now. The ONLY reason it hasn't happened is because Jehovah hasn't allowed it to happen. Once He gives Jesus the all clear to kick off the war in Heaven, the clock will start it's unstoppable countdown to Armageddon.

Right now is the time to prepare for what's soon to arrive. Imagine if the French had been given time to prepare for their occupation. Now's the time to find like minded neighbors who know Jehovah. Now's also the time to get to know those who love God, but don't know Jehovah. Now isn't the time to argue about religion, but to prepare hearts to listen once Jesus returns to dispense perfect spiritual food. Prepare as best you can, imagining the worst case scenario, while hoping for the best. Avoid Satan's attempts to trigger your worst fears by maintaining complete faith that Jehovah will have your back. Imagine being lined up to be martyred for your faith... knowing you'll immediately wake up in Paradise if that happens. Hopefully it never comes to that, but if you're prepared for any scenario, then Satan has no power over you.

I don't know if this happened, but I heard that as Christians were led to a horrible death in the Roman Colosseum, the most faithful told those in fear of their impending death that the first hit hurts... then you feel nothing. I imagine that's how it went for Stephen. Jehovah's Holy Spirit will surround and protect you. I know this because I've experienced it on a much, much smaller scale. When people go into shock, most have an out of body experience and they feel nothing. I can only imagine how powerful this experience is when it's the HS and not your body's fight or flight hormones in action. With Jehovah in our corner, we have nothing to fear.