The Science Behind The Vaccine (Including sudden death heart failure).


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The title of the thread is secondary to the magnificent demonstration of Jehovah’s creation shown in this video under an electron microscope. It is a beautiful if not moving example of how the power of faith can be exerted and realised by study into the hand of Jehovah. Yet by dint of exposing the truth of our creation, we see how Satan has manipulated the science of Jehovah to become a major issue for us in this time of the end. Note that the video was filmed seven years ago and how in that short space of time, the new found science was employed in both good and evil. For you guys worrying over the vaccine, there are several points demonstrated here about how this apparent evil was achieved and how it works. Had watchtower looked for evidence, this video would have given them the insight they so desperately needed if seeking the best for the sheep.
However, it is the simply amazing and awe inspiring way in which we are made that will take your breath away. Not also the efficiency of the motors of nature are given is far in excess that that which man can achieve. Though the processes are shown primarily in a model form, the actual processes of how this works within our body are also for the first time I believe, demonstrated in reality under an electron microscope using luminescent light to make them visible. In terms of generating faith in our creator, this is probably going to be the best investment of 35 minutes of time that we can exchange for something of true value in building our relationship with Jehovah and in strengthening our faith.