The Watchtower gives a new explanation to be born prematurely.

The God Pill

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The difference between the two articles, is like reading one written by a child, and the other the professor. Of course they had to "adjust" their understanding to align with their 108 year delusion.
Exactly! It’s only a weak attempt for them to bring attention to themselves that they have all this ENLIGHTENMENT!!

For example, to try and explain this “new light” they use phrases like “there are several possibilities”
Then after their ‘wordy’ given background information on his experience when Paul referred to himself as “one born prematurely“
another phrase, “it seems that” or it could have been…which seems like they not too sure. 🤔

And WT claims this “new light” comes from being directed by Holy Spirit??

Robert’s article was definitely in line with Holy Spirit and not this childlike thinking.