Thought for the day - YouTube short


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I've kept the same style for a few decades now. Without hair I look odd without a mustache. I have thought about doing the full on Manchu look but it gets hard to maintain the longer it gets.


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How come you're not wearing that special soft, warm , multifaceted scarf I sent ya instead of those outdated accessories??!!
Actually, I wore that polar poncho a few times when I was out splitting wood. And around Christmas, it was down around zero with minus 20 real-feel. Wore it then.


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Making short videos is a challenge. I am used to turning the camera on and droning on for a half hour. But the shorts are getting more traffic than the 30 minute vids.
Well they would do. Many look for information, but few look for explanation, and even less give consideration and a fraction employ meditation and of those, less still take action. Many are called, few are chosen. I’m with Jehu‘s chariot! Those discussions over a half hour or so are as gold dust and it’s parts far exceed that of the whole. Such is the spiritual conundrum of learning that feeds upon its self.