Wars & Rumors of Wars


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Just out of curiosity I decided to research a list of all the wars going on right now. Everyone knows about Russia and Ukraine, or Israel and Hamas, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's at least two, right? Yep. At least two for sure. How many would you say? Four? According to my count it's much higher. There's at least 16, probably more ongoing, and probably more down the pipeline. Here's the list pulled from various sources.

1. **Israel-Hamas Conflict**: Ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, characterized by periodic escalations of violence, military strikes, and deep-rooted political issues related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

2. **Conflict in Ukraine**: Russia's invasion and ongoing military operations in Ukraine, resulting in significant casualties and geopolitical tensions.

3. **Syrian Civil War**: A multifaceted conflict involving the Syrian government, rebel groups, and international actors, leading to a humanitarian crisis.

4. **Yemeni Civil War**: Involves the Yemeni government, Houthi rebels, and regional powers, causing a severe humanitarian crisis.

5. **Libyan Conflict**: Ongoing instability and fighting among various factions since the Arab Spring, with international involvement.

6. **Conflict in Sudan**: Multiple conflicts, including in Darfur, South Kordofan, and Blue Nile regions, involving government forces and rebel groups.

7. **Somali Civil War**: Involves the Somali government, Islamist militants, and clan-based militias, leading to ongoing instability and humanitarian issues.

8. **Ethiopian Tigray Conflict**: Fighting between Ethiopian government forces and the Tigray People's Liberation Front, causing a humanitarian crisis.

9. **Afghan Conflict**: Involving the Taliban, Afghan government forces, and various militant groups, with ongoing violence and instability.

10. **Mexican Drug War**: Ongoing conflict between the Mexican government and various drug trafficking organizations.

11. **Boko Haram Insurgency**: Islamist militant group Boko Haram's violent campaign in Nigeria and neighboring countries.

12. **Colombian Conflict**: Longstanding conflict involving the Colombian government, paramilitary groups, and guerrilla movements.

13. **Iraqi Conflict**: Post-invasion conflict involving various factions, sectarian violence, and the rise of ISIS.

14. **Nigerian Communal Conflicts**: Includes ethnic, economic, and religious conflicts, such as the farmer-herder clashes and religious violence.

15. **DR Congo Conflicts**: Includes the Kivu conflict, ADF insurgency, and communal violence, driven by ethnic tensions and control over resources.

16. **Myanmar Conflict**: Following the 2021 military coup, escalating violence and resistance from various ethnic and political groups.

There are so many conflicts going on right now that really nothing would surprise me anymore. A another couple wars could pop up tomorrow and it would just be another day.