Why Democracy Leads to Tyranny


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It's already slipping. The laws they pass never seem to benefit the people. The primary benefactor always ends up being the Government itself. The trend continues until all out tyranny takes over. Each new generation knows less and less of the freedoms enjoyed by previous generations. They always make it seem like it's for the good of the people. That's why they like to use protecting the kids as an excuse to pass new laws. We have to save the kids! Oh no we're losing tobacco tax money! I mean, uh... kids are vaping! Quickly outlaw flavored vapes! Cigarettes, gender reassignment surgery, chemical castration. and marijuana dispensaries on every corner are fine, though apparently. The corruption is obvious to us, but the younger crowd are like lambs to the slaughter. It's infuriating. I can't wait to see this world get what's coming to it.