King of the North - Part 3

no way

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Have you ever been to London? The city of London is not London as a whole, it’s a separate part in London with its own laws. A separate state like Disneyland used to be in Florida or Vatican City. It’s where the banks, embassies and major corporations are settled. It’s where the famous influential people have a house that costs millions of pounds.

From Wikipedia: The City of London is a city, ceremonial county and local government district[note 1] that contains the historic centre and constitutes, alongside Canary Wharf, the primary central business district (CBD) of London.
Administratively, the City of London is not one of the London boroughs, a status reserved for the other 32 districts (including Greater London's only other city, the City of Westminster). It is also a separate ceremonial county, being an enclave surrounded by Greater London, and is the smallest ceremonial county in the United Kingdom.
May be an interesting place but still not buying that they are the king of the North outdated and unimportant. The globalist empire to me better fits the bill. But it's difficult to be 100% positive.


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Zionism is a century-long British operation that began in the 1830s with John Nelson Darby concocting British Israelism and the quasi biblical framework for the restoration of Israel as a nation before the return of Christ. Then after WW1 Britain awarded itself the Balfour Declaration to oversee the land of Palestine. Then one of the Rothschilds bankrolled Israel becoming a nation. I will start working on part four tomorrow and I hope to delve into Zionism more. Now, it is back out on the mower.
Yeah! Part 4, looking forward to it as always. To quote a youtube channel...... get your house in order, mentally, physically and spiritually! Come Lord Jesus !


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We do too 😃
Hi @Sunshower jow are you doing this evening?

i’ve been listening to the last chapter of Jehovah Has Become King- Epilogue - over and over, it’s so tremendously comforting.

I highly recommend it when you’re afraid, exhausted, when you need encouragement, lonely, pretty much the way i feel almost on a daily basis. 🙄

It’s so amazing.


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I just watched the video & I love the historical context in it. I was wondering if you knew about how the sinking of the Titanic played a role in the Federal Reserve? Plus, some people wonder if the Zionist/Sabbatean-Frankists influence played a role, especially with President Truman having physical Israel restored. Obviously they are aligned with the British Empire but I have to wonder what role they play & who is the greater authority?
I have not heard of any involvement re: Titanic and the Federal Reserve. Do you have any pointers please PJ?

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I thought the titanic conspiracy theory was old/well known years ago I mentally outlined an alt history novel where the plot on the titanic failed and those men survived exploring the butterfly effect of how that would effect history from april 1912 through december 1991.