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Joseph Stephan
Joseph Stephan
This was really sad news for me today, my oldest son texted me the news 5 minutes ago.
I fell in love. with that little town 15 years ago 😥
It was picture perfect like a little post card.
🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 for those fine folks ♥️
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I have come here every day for almost a year. I come here for hope. I have reached out to a few. I have not always been supportive of others. But I know this is where Jehovah wants me to be. Thank you all for your guidance.
Hope and guidance in finding the truth about the truth is why we are all here. So you're in good company to find both. And trust me, your appetite can't be big enough, Watchman Robert King will keep you more than satisfied. Welcome and enjoy the 'ride'