WWIII progressing. This is quite interesting


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Oh so "chemtrails" do exist.
Nobody claims 100% of planes are spraying the sky but to just say it’s a conspiracy or it doesn’t exist is not doing yourself a favor.
That’s like saying "safe and effective" for every drug pharma pushes out.
My choice of words might have been better thought out, but still when people say chemtrails, the majority of them are talking about any and all trails they see in the sky. SAVES_HWHY posted several sky pics where 100% of the trails were cited sarcastically as 'chemtrails don't exist?' Which is my point exactly. Perhaps she wants to explain which ones are and which ones are not. Everyone critical (rightly so) of Pfizer hiding or fudging the numbers should be equally vigorous on this topic.


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Rappaport is no idiot. He didn’t present it as literal. I’ve read his work for a while. He has been a long time investigative reporter. One of the last real reporters who didn’t cave under pressure and censorship.
I too have followed him for years and I agree, there's no way Rappaport thinks this really happened. In fact I read it almost like a parody since a lot of it is true!


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Anyway Billy this is more worthy post
Andrei Shipovalov: Head of the Center for Countering Disinformation said in the Ukrainian July14th Conference "Those opposing the accepted Ukrainian narrative are to be considered 'Information Terrorists'" Also continued to say "They should know that they will be considered war criminals"!!!! 2Min in Billy.
I recommend every 2hr of this as they are under attack for speaking the truth. The Schiller and Larouche speakers are being targetted as 'Information Terrorists'. Our Watchman may experience the same vetting after KOTN pt4
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UN secretary-general: World is facing a nuclear danger not seen since Cold War​