Is it too late for the Masses?


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Hi Jess, Don’t forget that the preaching work actually accomplishes 2 things. One is a witness and the other is a warning. Jehovah and his son call people to them or they don’t. And, even that can change with changing circumstances because circumstances can soften hearts. But even if our preaching only accomplishes a warning to others, that is for Jehovah and Jesus to decide.
Ahhhh yes that is a great reminder!


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I understand what you’re saying perfectly but because we live in a society (in my case, the USA) that had, up until March 2020 were pretty much going along with their daily norms. True, we’ve been slowly dumbed down, becoming more deficient in showing fellow feeling, but like you said there were and still are plenty of happy people out there.

Yes, in Japan as well as among the Muslim women they need to cover their face, but for the most part that’s a choice they make.
After March 2020 that all changed and worldwide we were, in my opinion, forced ( mentally) to wear a mask and amazingly EVERYONE complied. But of course that gradually ended as reports were coming in that masks were useless. I know for a fact that we were under the influence of a psychological operation and truly believe this. And to me that explains a lot.

Why most were affected and others weren’t I’m not too sure but I do know that up until 2020 mankind was being conditioned to accept whatever directions the governments wanted to put on them and these same directions were further reinforced on our brothers and sisters by the GB.

It is also worth taking note of what the apostle Paul said in Ephesians 6:10-13. But I wanted to particularly highlight verse 12:
”because we have a struggle, not against blood and flesh, but against the governments, against the authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places.”

As for me letting it drag me down, I never allowed that to happen. I was just expressing my added thought to PJ’s comment about how people have become unreal, having a lifeless look.
On seeing all this so called ‘new normal’ from the beginning I then would look but I learned to live with it lest I go insane.
Just put it in the back of my mind and keep stepping. We all have our own way of dealing with this madness around us if we want to stay alive right? 👍🏼 🤗
Absolutely. We do have our own ways in dealing with this world. I have to admit that I have a very limited insight into the world of today. It was a strange enough reality for me to grow up with - for me it was like a world within a world. They say ‘every man/woman is an island’ and I do not doubt that in the least. Life is a paradox!


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Just listened to this short podcast (10 min). Mike relays that he believes it’s too late and the majority of people have already chosen their side in the battle of good/truth and evil/lies. Sure does feel that way at times to me! So in a way it felt validating. Feeling like the only awake one amongst so many asleep ones can certainly weigh you down and leave you feeling like there are no more willing to listen. But then again, in my heart I know we shouldn’t give up until Jehovah and Jesus have their final say. Anyway, a good listen. Minus the fact that Mike still believe in Hellfire 🥴

Sadly, it seems that most of people will never be part of the truth. Only a small percentage of mankind will pass the test. It's very horrible and sad, but true...
At least those who die when the horsemen are released will be resurrected, the rest will be lost forever...
This obviously does not include those who will be saved.