Music With a Message (Positive please)


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Actually, BTD, my interest in dancing isn’t just confined to dancing as when you’re listening to music. I took dance lessons growing up and as a young adult…even sent one of my daughters to take dance lessons for years.
I love all kinds of dancing such as ballet, tap,jazz, ballroom dancing. When we‘d have a congregation talent show I ’choreograph’ a dance with three young sisters. It came off a hit BTD! Lol
At one time I wanted to become a dance instructor but as a witness I thought how much time that might take from my theocratic pursuits, pioneering etc.

Dancing is not so way out there. It helps to keep you fit and to be more coordinated.
Did you know that’s why football players take ballet so as to have coordination when playing football. I guess playing different plays in the game.

Anyway, there are positive aspects to dancing BTD. Maybe, you’ll eventually learn to love dancing one day. Hmm 🤔
i won’t get far with two left feet. Ballet for American football players!? That I would like to see. In Britain one only need breath on one and he would fall over clutching his shin hoping for a penalty. I hope one day to see you “strut your stuff” on the dance floor and I will join in with some “dad dancing“🕺.