update #2


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Chiming in here... Watched update#2 yesterday, and again, my sore point was when they mentioned how wonderful it is to have in-person theocratic schools and how some are so happy about this. My question is, what happened to mentioning the vax reqt to attend? Wonder how that would be taken if it wasn't omitted. It is the omissions of information that bother me. Only showing the positives is not realistic. Only showing snippets of realities is not enough either. Like, an elder lost his privileges... how long did it take to get them back? What difficulties occurred during that time-frame? I've got lots to say about that part.

Also, lastly, there was no mention as to what responsibilities the 2 new GB members would take on, or did I miss that? This provides insight into the "why" they were invited to become members. Just would like more transparency. 🤷‍♂️


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Apparently the requirement for the title of "pioneer" is more important.
Indeed I think that is very true. I can see in the future there may be even more adjustments
1-4 hours > Publisher
5-14 hours > auxiliary auxiliary pioneer
15 hours >auxiliary pioneer
16 -29 hours >super auxiliary pioneer
30 - 50 hours >quintessential auxiliary pioneer
Anything above 50 > regular quintessential pioneer

I guess that should about cover it.
(Exciting announcement > “our pioneer numbers are increasing!”)

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Thanks for that info Susan. Personally I think they put the newbies into the GB for a reason, perfect yes men for what's coming. Luv to know what happened to Morris the 3rd. For what its worth, I cant help but continue to think that Louche is an hidden apostate extraordinaire. I believe he is working with the feds for the eventual takeover of the Watchtower. Can't prove it, its just a gut instinct.
Louche or Losche?