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It’s true what you say. Silence can speak louder than words. But sometimes, we have to say our piece and what I find therapeutic in Nomex’s letter is that it reflects the value of the Truth to his family and life. In that regard, it validates the trust his family had in the watchtower, and what the destruction of that trust has meant to them. That is the value of truth, and thus the dialogue of how that trust was built, is the whole essence of what constitutes “truth” to a person. I.e., it is their soul. Therefore, the murdering outcome of that trust illustrates the value of that trust, and that is why what is said, from it’s genesis, is the real value and measures the gravity of the deceit. That should mean something to the elders and indeed to anyone reading such a letter, but as noted by so many here, it becomes a case of casting pearls before swine. Does that detract from its value? Not in the least. The loss is for those who read without insight and cannot see the man, but only themselves - and who judges their self with honesty? Too few, and certainly not those who are blind to what they read and are inwardly, empty vessels.

In it’s outcome, the letter is a declaration of faith, honesty, meaning, humanity. A gem from the heart. It’s value is it’s heartfelt statement and the judge is Jehovah. The reader, the elder, is the one before the Court. Not Nomex. Let the elder therefore state his case and condemn himself. That is why the letter and it’s content is of such value. It’s a judgement of the heart. If I was handed such a letter of the genesis of truth within a family and of the breaking of trust, I would read it very carefully. By their fruits you will know them, works both ways, and so it will for the elder that reads Nomex’s story and throws it back at him.
I posted today, I have had a very busy weekend and have not had a chance to read this thread.

You sir, brought tears to my eyes as I read this just now. You added a whole other layer. Thank you. It's everything you said, but it's my story, and believe me there is so much more to it. I have been really struggling with this new reality. The reality that I have know about this for a very long time, and denied it, but now the veil is lifted, and now I can no longer deny that I have been betrayed by those I trusted the most. And only now do I realize, this betrayal did not happen just now, but decades ago! It's quite the pill to swallow!

All the while, hanging on to everything you held dear about the truth! It really is remarkable what we all do here! We are the rare breed, we do not "throw out the baby with the bath water."


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It takes a lot of humility for a person to admit when they are wrong. Even more if they aren't used to doing it very often. I am going to stick my neck a little further out than usual for a minute. I feel convinced to a man that this is beyond a lack of humility and I offer the jabs as my evidence. I see planning and design. I've been wrong before and I'm pretty sure I'll be wrong again but from my view, everything appears contrived. Not only that, I feel they knew this was coming.
If you don't hear from me, you'll know that I crossed the line and the earth opened up and took me.
No brother you are on the money, and this place is where the truth is! Doesn't mean any of us are perfect, we all deal with this reality, but it's on a whole different level; than what WT is putting out now!


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While your letter is indeed very well presented, you of course know that they will most likely throw it aside as "conspiracy theory" , that is the term used for anyone who raises evidence against the vaccinations, and thus against the GB . I think though if you feel the need to do such then by all means carry on. The best any of us can do is make sure we have a clean conscience before God. I have had two phone calls from the body of Elders in my Congregation, telling me that there will be a "judicial Committee" for my comments on FB about the fact I believe that apostasy has happened in the organization , and that the GB is part of it , as is evident from their stand on the promotion of the vaccine as coming from Jehovah to his Channel .....I have presented numerous medical journals and such against all of it...masking , social distancing and the mandating of vaccines.....but it just is ignored...and I would be surprised if anyone is going to read or respond to it , but hey , you never know which elder might have a brain still. In my case, all they said after all that I presented , and this just over the phone and on FB which was one of the reasons for the 'Judicial Committee." , it is that they were sorry that they were the bearers of bad news....alluding to the action coming against me.
Two Brothers have at least reached out to me saying ....what if you are wrong.....or it is just conjecture ( my postings of evidence against the vaccines) . so a desire to follow men, the GB , is the only thing in the minds of these so called shepherds. They can easily detect an apostate or wrongdoer in the congregation, but not if the evidence points to the GB. I have been absolutely amazed by these men, men I thought were intelligent and whose only desire is to serve Jehovah Whole souled, that I felt under any circumstances understood what exclusive devotion meant, but instead have found to be only followers of men, willing to attack anyone who dared to say a word , even if supported by scripture and bible principles.
Look, to be sure, you did more than I have so far. I have know full well, not to say anything, to anyone who's a "Witness" and so far I have not, other than this forum, which is why I cut out the beginning of what I originally posted. I am struggling with this whole thing. I just keep going back to "you would know my followers if you have love among yourselves." Well, long before Covid I had documented evidence they do not have love.


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I know a sister that was married “in the truth” three times before her 30th birthday. I know another that married a ministerial servant only to run for her life from St. Petersburg Florida to Portland Oregon after a year of marriage, there are many divorces, abuse and adultery. Marrying in the truth provides zero assurance of happiness and security. Teaching your daughter to love Jehovah, and love herself, express clear, healthy boundaries will be the more assurance of a happy marital future than marrying her into a dangerous cult. and by the time she’s ready to “marry in the truth” the human genome of JWs will be forever altered and corrupted, it will be unlikely that jabbed and boostered up JW men (if they survive that long) of the future will be able to father children.
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I know another that married a ministerial servant only to run for her life from St. Petersburg Florida to Portland Oregon after a year of marriage, there are many divorces, abuse and adultery. Marrying in the truth provides zero assurance of happiness and security.
Kim, You know me, you think I don't know this? But no where in the world outside of the Watchtower is any man taught that God is not part of a Trinity, Hellfire, immortal soul etc, if they are even religious, and in the WT's literature it does actually tell us how to treat woman, if you actually read the biblical references. It is indeed a tough place to be.


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This is an excellent question and in fact Driven addressed, but i am going to address it myself and a little differently. Now I first want to qualify this response by saying this. What i am about to talk about especially takes courage, and I have not decided that i will indeed follow through, because I have other things to consider that do not only involve me, and that I do not immediately have answers to. Like the fact especially with my daughter I do want her to "marry in the truth." But she's only 9, but this is where my mind goes.

Any way to the point.

One thing many of us did not realize and maybe many of you have never thought about this, but Jehovah never brings judgement without a warning message first. Clearly that is part of what Robert has been doing. So knowing what i know, from my experiences and perspective, would it be righteous for me to keep silent knowing what I know? Now the question remains, am I that righteous? Can I face the reality of what that entails. Ostracized by the only family I have ever known, to stand by my convictions?

Well in large part they have already been doing that and have been doing so for years, but still, up until "Covid" I still attended meetings, the assemblies etc.

But now I have children, and it is not obvious what to do to raise them "in the truth" which I want nothing more.

I have found more answers here than I have in 20 plus years, but those answers left new questions.

But let me clarify what I will be doing if, and it's still a big "if", I send finish this letter and give it to them.

Number one, they will pass it on to the C.O. The C.O. will pass it on to headquarters, and you never know who will read it, and who will be effected by it. Just like the book my Grandmother threw in the trash that my father, fished out and read anyway, and then got baptized in prison, we never know.

So if I do give them this letter it's going to be a middle finger to their corruption and a "I know what you really are" exposure. Maybe I'll throw in there, the real reason they censor, which is because they are liars, and there is nothing liars hate more than the truth!

First of all I just want to say that I did not mean to sound as if I was being passive concerning your thoughts in your draft letter.
I think, not only me but others as well, just were trying to mentally prepare you for the inevitable…that the elders probably won’t give it any consideration, but you never know what could come out of it. Through the years I guess I’ve learned to be more of a realist because if I expect one outcome it was likely to be the least expected one. Of course I could be considered a pacifist.

That said, I just want to say that I understand your concern about your daughter. When my children were growing up in the truth the most important thing to me was for them to stay close to Jehovah. For example I recall my daughter telling me that a brother told her that he could tell I had a passion for my children, and he was right…so I can understand how you feel.

I can only say that I did raise my daughter to love Jehovah, but somewhere along the line something happened that we didn’t anticipate. I, especially wanted my daughter to marry in the truth, she started dating a MS brother for almost 2 years , they were married when she was 19, he was 25. It was fine for a few years, then he was appointed an elder in 2010.

In 2014 they had their first child, a boy, at home, he’s never been vaccinated….until, and I still am not sure if they made him take the covid vax…she said they were going to. And me and her dad warned her of the danger this vaccine would cause so now because I questioned them about the organization’s handling of the vaccine they are now shunning me.

I‘m not saying that your daughter shouldn’t marry in the truth but there are a lot of things you have to consider. So much has changed in the organization so we really need to wait on Jehovah and she still has more than enough time for that. So, for now, until Jehovah brings an end to all this madness we need to think a little differently, don’t you think?

And to answer your question: “would it be righteous for me to keep silent knowing what I know?” My answer to that is NO! DEFINITELY NOT!
My intention wasn’t to discourage you but to mentally prepare you for not getting a response. And we know what that can feel like.

I’m sorry that your family is ostracizing you but in the end they will see that you’re standing for truth and righteousness.

I really appreciated your heartfelt letter and hope that you will send it however you decide to. It was a beautifully written letter and I agree with @BARNABY THE DOG who said that it was “a gem from the heart. It’s value is it’s heartfelt statement and the judge is Jehovah. It’s a judgment of the heart. If I was handed such a letter of the genesis of the truth within a family…..I would read it very carefully. By their fruits you will know them, works both ways, and so it will for the elder that reads Nomex’s (your) story and throws it back at him (you).

Those are my sentiments as well…you do what you feel you need to do no matter what. You have my support. And I have no doubt that Jehovah supports you too.

Your sister in the faith
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Really nicely structured Nomex. It seems good so far. You are certainly in your element with the masks, hopefully they take note. I've started to compile a letter to send to the branch, I'm finding it hard and have little experience to share, hopefully I get it sorted. Very encouraging to read yours thanks.
I think by now the GB must be starting to panic a bit. I can imaging anybody who has thought about this covid thing and done a bit of research knows what the GB did was wrong many levels even though they might not express it out loud. But the GB are stubborn like the Scribes and Pharisee's and will not relent. I was at an elders meeting about 12 years ago and the CO said - 'when a congregation is full of probs. look at the body of elders'. So when JW's are struggling internally why shouldn't people focus on the leadership of the GB and ask why this so called "faithful slave" is failing so miserably.

Jesus said - “Then that slave who understood the will of his master but did not get ready or do what he asked will be beaten with many strokes. But the one who did not understand and yet did things deserving of strokes will be beaten with few. Indeed, everyone to whom much was given, much will be demanded of him, and the one who was put in charge of much will have more than usual demanded of him.” (Lu 12:46-48)