Everything about Covid is a lie-The Summary


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The media/Government lies vs the truth

1) Covid came from "wet market- the truth: Covid came from the bio weapons lab in the same city where Covid originated.

2)Covid was a Pandemic- the truth: Then so is the seasonal flu

3) Death toll- (fill in the blank here) the truth: Well over 90% of the numbers have been manipulated, everything from, comorbidity's, to death caused by a drug know to cause kidney failure in over 50% people treated with the drug Remdesivir used in hospitalizations.

4)Vaccinations- which went from 96% effective, to they prevent hospitalizations, but they wear off, and you need endless boosters.

5) Masks- well lets just say they made them mandatory, even thought they knew that was against established law and finally admitted they don't work.

6) Lockdowns- Also admitting they didn't work.

(Feel free to add to this list, I'm sure I'm not going to get them all in one posts.)

What is still remarkable to me is how any of us who have half a brain are supposed to ignore this and still believe the GB are "God's Channel"

They have stoked so much unnecessary fear and anguish in all JW's and their children, but not in mine! My Kids have NOT been traumatized by Covid, because I was NOT traumatized by know liars, lying. They will not even remember this nightmare, because I ignored all the fear mongering and went about my life. I am not excited about returning to the Hall only to mask up in fear of something none of us should have been afraid of in the first place. I haven;t done it the last 2 years and I am not going to do it now. ..."fear those who can kill the body but not the soul." That is the Gb message. The GB should be ashamed. But when are agents of the Devil ashamed?

My "Bible study group" overseer called me the other day telling me about returning to the Hall...and I think I'll condense what I wrote here and tell him, starting with, "a large majority of the world, including JW's have been completely traumatized by the last two years, by known liars, but not me or my family. I saw it for the lie it was from the very beginning in it's entirety. But what's worse I saw the GB repeat the lie, from Satan's government, and although my children avoided the trauma from Covid, I am now suffering from the trauma of knowing the GB has at the very least repeated a lie, over and over again, by know liars who are controlled and ruled by the "Father of the lie", without even challenging their lies. Something I am ashamed of about the WT. The "JW's who died of Covid" was just another lie repeated by the WT. How do I know? How many of those brothers who died were 70 or 80? That's called a "qualifier" so when God's word says your life span in Satan's system is "70 or 80" if you are honest to remove everyone 70-80 form the number of "Covid deaths" from your numbers. But even with all of that, the number of claimed Covid deaths is a tiny fraction with Satan's governments best efforts to boost the numbers. 25,000 of 8.5 million is insignificant to the reality that we are all dying and going to die in Satan's wicked system. So i at least try to worship Jehovah and listen to his son, nopt self appointed Gods, who ignore basic things from the Bible.

If we are just going to listen to the GB... why even have a Bible!!! Is that just so we can be convinced the GB is the "slave class". The only differance today from the past with the catholic Church, back then they wouldn't allow anyone to read a bible in their language, today they just write so much fluff telling you what the Bible means in order to obscure it's meaning...so that they can get your devotion.
That about sums it all up Nomex, but you are going to have to chill out otherwise you will end up a victim of the jab as assuredly as if you had taken it!


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Young people are starting to notice
That was an interesting, sanitised discussion. Odd in that he denies himself the right to comment. He was certainly right in saying that by shutting down the argument people feel “superior”. That, I can relate to…press the ignore button, the back-room elders meeting, the watchtower et alia, shunning, and the shining example of the Nazi. Conspiracy theories are the last bastion of the free-thinker. Before it was called ’conspiracy‘ it was termed as ‘intuition’. It has to be said though that even with conspiracy theories, people tend to choose an option or answer along the discussion and get off at that point, and then call those who continue to trawl the depths of meaning, conspiracy theorists too. Generally, the answers found in such theories, are the reward for those that dare to think and the reason in thinking that, is quite obvious in that if you can imagine it, man will do it. Regretfully, that generally springs from the dark side, but that is to be expected. It is also a strange anomaly, - I suppose most anomalies are strange - that faith in intuition is applauded in the realms of scripture, but mocked in terms of the machinations of other humans. “It cannot be so.“ Unfortunately, it can. Where the beast has his lair, you can count on it. That’s my theory.


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Federal health officials said Sunday that kid-sized doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines appear to be safe and effective for kids under 5, a key step toward a long-awaited decision to begin vaccinating the youngest American children.

Now the halls can really open up -- I'm sure the gb will approve via an update... after all these 5 year old or less young ones are the last hold outs

After all Jehovah is using any government approved "covid vaccine to keep us in the land of living"

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